The Stevens Institute of Technology is organizing a major conference in March 2010 as follows:

“Conference on Systems Engineering Research
Stevens Institute of Technology and Delft University of Technology in collaboration with the University of Southern California (USC), presents the 8th Annual Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER)”

The object of this conference is:

“to provide practitioners and researchers in academia, industry, and government with a common platform to present, discuss and influence Systems Engineering research…”

Very good!

Now, who is their keynote speaker? NASA science fraud John Cromwell Mather! I suppose the conference attendees want to get on a common platform to learn from the horse’s mouth how to influence Systems Engineering Reasearch through hightech fraud.

On which planet have the organizers of this conference been living? Anyone who would have any interest in John Mather today knows that he is a science fraud, or stands accused of science fraud. In the latter case, a simple consultation with true experts would remove all doubt. Besides, NASA’s own treatment of John Mather – in plain view of the public – speaks volumes, most loudly. An indirect message, but NASA could not have made things any clearer under the circumstances.

What is this treatment? Three years on since Mather got his Nobel Prize and was described as a legendary scientist, the greatest discoverer of all times, and the most influential person in the World, NASA’s top leadership keeps him in his pre-Nobel job status of three years ago. They have not given him even the smallest dog bone because of his Nobel Prize. If you cannot understand the message in this, if you think there is room for innocent explanation, try emailing NASA and see what their response is. Their email address is:

In the face of all this, to go out and invite Mather to teach an unsuspecting international audience is like inviting Bernie Madoff to teach a similar conference on Economics.


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