India is giving NASA science fraud John Mather the highest possible visibility – bringing him to the venue where two of the top national leaders will be present. India has been feting Mather intensely for quite somtime now at mushrooming conferences with names like Pragyan, Technozion, Cognizance … and at such Government-funded institutes as IIT and NIT. As the rest of the World goes silent on Mather, India is going great guns celebrating him. Neki aur pooch pooch! It is a most interesting phenomenon.

It seems that the Indian organizers are inviting Mather based only on his public name and fame, and on no in-depth information whatsoever. On the same basis, they might even spot a name in some old Wall Street news item, somehow piece together his current address, and send a letter of invitation:

Mr. Bernard Lawrence Madoff, Esq
Mail Stop 61727-054
FCI Butner
Butner, NC 27509, USA

A silly joke, but the actual situation is far worse than this joke suggests. Look at the announcement the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee put out:

Currently, he is working as a senior astrophysicist in the Observational Cosmology Laboratory in NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland …. He was also listed as the 100 Most Influential People in the world by Time.

How much sense does it take to stumble upon the incongruity of a “Most Influential Person in the world” working as a run-of-the-mill employee in one of NASA’s centers? Wouldn’t you instinctively ask: Why is he not at NASA HQ, providing vision and direction? Then wouldn’t you say to yourself: Something does not smell right here!

If you then did the slightest amount of googling, you would find the source of the incongruity. Mather was in fact the all-important NASA Chief Scientist when he was named the Most Influential etc et al. He was since demoted drastically. Again, why?

You would then quickly learn the reason!

Every time I begin to sense that the World has woken up to the John Mather fraud, there comes a new announcement from India! A perfect illustration of the old German saying: Immer wenn über eine Lüge Gras gewachsen ist, kommt ein alter Esel und frisst es wieder herunter.

In January, John Mather will be a featured guest on the same podium with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of India. This will happen at the 97th Indian Science Congress opening on January 3 in the Kerala University at the latter’s Kariavattom campus. It is hosted jointly by the University and the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Some 7000 scientists from India and abroad are expected to gather there.

Kerala Education Minister Baby.
He wants science fraud John Mather to “inculcate” something or other in India’s young.

Also, the Government of Kerala is sponsoring some 3500 students to attend and be inspired by the presence of eminent scientists like John Mather. The idea is to “to inculcate fresh ideas of science into young minds at an early age,” said Kerala Education Minister M. A. Baby. This part of the program will be inaugurated by the former President of India, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

[Photo: K. V. Srinivasan; courtesy: The Hindu]
Not so long ago, wide-eyed young kids in India were subjected to the fraud John Mather’s homilies. The children reportedly listened “awestruck”.
This is now happening again, on a far grander scale.
What kind of people do this to the kids?
God Almighty! Are these people completely loco, or are they just a few sandwiches short of a picnic?
When a similar thing was being done to American kids, the Americans cracked down hard.
They value their kids – above all else.
There are some 200 countries in the World, and India is the only one exposing her kids to the fraud.
Why? Why? Why?

In all fairness, Minister Baby is blameless. It is the scientists who have chosen science fraud Mather.

John Mather, first and foremost, is a NASA Scientist. COBE, first and foremost, is a NASA satellite. Most curiously, the announcement about Mather being the featured speaker makes no mention that he works for NASA or that COBE is a NASA satellite. It seems to carefully avoid mentioning NASA:

“An American astrophysicist and cosmologist, Mather shared the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2006 with George Smoot for his work on the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) project.

A satellite used to study Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, COBE contributed significantly to the development of cosmology and provided supporting evidence for the Big Bang, a widely accepted theory of the beginning of the universe as we know it.”

So may be Mather is participating as a private citizen, and not as a NASA Scientist. If that is the case, then neither NASA nor the US State Department can be blamed for subjecting the Indian Prime Minister to this public spectacle – to be recorded for posterity. The Indian scientific community is to be blamed for their lack of knowledge of current science, leading to subjecting a very fine man to this historical infamy.

The scientific communities of all advanced nations have now gone silent on Mather. Yet, India continues to fete him with great fanfare again and again and again! Certainly, the people at the Indian space agency ISRO ought to have had the brainpower to understand the NASA space fraud the way high power space agencies like ESA and IKI have understood it and gone silent. What is wrong with ISRO?

What makes a space agency world-class is not its ability to shoot rockets and put satellites in orbit. These are well-established technologies. It is the ability to function independently and self-confidently in the uncharted frontiers of space science and space technology that makes the difference. By feting an American space science fraud and his fraudulent discovery when America herself has gone cold on the subject, and the advanced space agencies of the World have gone silent, ISRO has made a strong statement about its own quality. By making the decision to present this fraud to their national leader, ISRO is making a strong statement about its own judgment.

And to think that this 97th Science Congress wants to celebrate the quality of Indian science!

Who are the Indian scientists planning to make this fine man and beloved leader shake hands with? Will the nation stand for this act of gross negligence and/or irresponsibility?

Next up: The photograph of the Indian PM and John Mather shaking hands, hand-signed by John Mather, will be available for purchase online for $35 a pop (+ S&H) – like all the other Nobel paraphernalia Mather sells.

If you put this picture together with that of the King of Sweden shaking hands with John Mather (see my previous post), you will have a matched set, a valuable collectible pair: Leaders of the free World proudly shaking hands with greatest science fraud in history.

John Mather’s gigantic and diabolic science fraud – an enterprise protected by most powerful men and groups of men – was exposed by the highest scientific authority in the World (evidently!) – me. You can read about it, and also about what NASA’s top leadership did to him here.

John Mather has a large display of photographs on Google Image Search that could be followed over time. As the allegation against Mather took hold, there arose a paucity of photographs of important people willingly posing with him. And the 2009 “John Mather Nobel Scholars” did not stand for the customary photograph with Mather (It may be that NASA shielded these young people – unlike the Indian PM’s folks who are not shielding him from the exact same predicament.) There cannot be found on the Internet a single photo of the new NASA Admninistrator Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden with NASA’s supreme scientist John Mather. There is no public indication that the two “leaders” of NASA even met officially.

Anyone who wishes to do so can check with NASA on the John Mather science fraud. Their official email address is:

You should understand their response very clearly if no response comes.

What is the big deal about the PM and John Mather being in the same conference? Simple. Would the PM attend an Economics conference starring Harshad Shantilal Mehta?

Finally, note this: When recently some uninvited guests got into the House House and came into President Obama’s presence, it caused great consternation all around and raised issues about security. The President took serious action against those responsible. The breach was apparently a light-hearted matter, some kind of a publicity stunt. But there was nothing light-heatred about how it was dealt with. (Have you heard the proverb Once bitten, twice shy? Don’t fail to notice the person standing behind the President in this iconic photograph! Does this gentleman want to be in a similar photograph again?!))

In the instance of India, what the ISRO scientists are doing is neither light-hearted nor excusable. The Indian PM can and should take exemplary action against people who are engineering for him to be in the same venue with the greatest science fraud in history. This is a national embarrassment and a personal embarrassment for the PM.

Let the public beware: The Indian Prime minister’s Office (PMO), the leader of ISRO, the organizers of the conference and the leaders of the Kerala University have been informed of the fraud through their official web mail or email. If they “did not know,” they now know!


3 January 2010: On this date some picture were released. Earlier, the attendance of two American Nobel Laureates, John Mather and Roger Tsien, was advertized widely. It seems that only one was selectively photographed with the PM. The set of pictures released shows a photo of the Indian Prime Minister greeting Tsien, and the Kerala State Education Minister greeting both Mather and Tsien.

There is, however, a report that the PM personally and formally presented John Mather the General President Gold Medal. There is sure to be a photo of that event, but I have not found it yet. I will keep an eye out.


Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh greeting American Nobel Laureate Roger Y. Tsien.
Tsien and science fraud John Mather received the General President Gold Medal from the Prime Minister at this function.
History does not offer us one other example of a nation bestowing her high honor upon a known science fraud.
India has made history.
[Image courtesy: The Hindu; Photo: S.Gopakumar]


Kerala State Education & Culture Minister M. A. Baby (center) greeting American Nobel Laureate and science fraud John Mather (left) and American Nobel Laureate Roger Y. Tsien
[Image courtesy: The Hindu; Photo: S.Gopakumar]


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