The greatest science fraud in history is being treated as the shining beacon of knowledge in India.

While three successive NASA Administrators have kept science fraud John Mather confined to his pre-Nobel job status, the message is not getting through to the Indians. They are the only nation feting Mather anymore. Every time one begins to feel comfortable that the World has finally woken up to the diabolic fraud, there come the Indians with yet another announcement of celebrating Mather!



Immer wenn über eine Sache Gras gewachsen ist, kommt ein alter Esel und frisst es wieder herunter.
– Old German saying.

Can you imagine how many dedicated people must have worked for how long and how intensely to produce these two encyclopaedia volumes (see below)? They had to pore over each single word of each single entry and check and recheck everything. All this noble effort of the dedicated men and women is now being sullied by a few irresponsible leaders. I suppose these leaders have a high motto:

Dolus illuminatio mea

The hosts of John Mather in India are informed on the fraud. Even so, a deliberate decision has been made to give Mather unprecedented exposure.

INDIA NEWS ITEM – 2 January 2010

“Nobel laureate to release two encyclopaedias

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Nobel laureate John C. Mather will release two encyclopaedias on astronomy and origin of species here on Monday. State Institute of Encyclopaedic Publications Director K. Pappootty said here on Friday that the NASA scientist will release the encyclopaedias at a function to be held at Kanakakkunnu Palace. Minister for Education and Culture M.A. Baby will preside over.

S.R. Prabhakaran Nair, former head of the Department of Physics, University of Kerala, will receive the ‘Encyclopaedia on Astronomy’. Dr K. Mohandas, Vice-Chancellor of the Kerala University of Health and Allied Sciences, will receive the ‘Encyclopaedia of Origin of Species’.

Assistant editor of the Institute S. Rajalakshmi will introduce the books.

Pappootty said the books were being released marking two major incidents in scientific history. The world is celebrating the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s invention of the telescope and 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s publication of the book ‘Origin of Species.’

Both encyclopaedias are priced at Rs 900 each.”

Coming soon:
“Science fraud” encyclopaedias!
(Photos of Kerala’s Minister Baby and NASA Science fraud John Mather together on the podium will be posted here when available. Also, the pictures of the “Science fraud” encyclopaedias will be posted.)

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