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Whose responsibility?

When I first made my allegation of science fraud against NASA Scientist John Mather on 5 April 2007 on a discovery that had just nobeled in December 2006, it immediately should have triggered at least four parallel lines of investigation:

1. The physics/astrophysics/astronomy/cosmology scientific establishment
2. NASA (in its own behalf and in behalf of the US)
3. The Nobel Foundation
4. The Media

How did they address their responsibilities?

Of these four, the first did absolutely nothing about the allegation, and continued to fete Mather. They may hide behind their usual mother’s skirt: “We cannot look into this because he has not puiblished a critique in a refereed scientific journal.” This is a bureaucratic and cowardly stance.

The fourth has this out: “It is a matter for the scientific establishment to settle. Once they do, we will report.” This is a cop-out, for they tore into many an unlucky individual before anything had been settled scientifically.

So – as far as conducting a serious discussion of adult responsibility – we are left with NASA and the Nobel Foundation. I do not know if the two have been in secret discussions about what to do, but they should have been.

What did NASA do?

With regard to NASA we must separate the rank-and-file and the top leadership. The former acted just like the scientific establishment. The leadership acted differently.

The following two successive NASA Administrators are on public record – through their action/inaction – as expressing the emphatic view that NASA should not reward John Mather in any way for this discovery:

Dr. Michael Griffin – former NASA Adminstrator (Bush appointee)
Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden – NASA Administrator (Obama appointee)

They have kept Mather confined to his pre-Nobel job status. In other words, they have kept Mather in the doghouse. They have applied to him the Nobel Prize Antidote.

What did the Nobel Foundation do?

The Nobel Prizes have a charter that says that the Prize – once given – is absolutely irrevocable. What does this mean? Did Alfred Nobel intend for fraudluent scientific discoveries to be anointed, and then for the prizegivers to keep mum? I don’t know, but I don’t think so. I think there has to be a way to address such situations. Not taking the Prize away is one thing. But to let the World believe that the discovery was legit is another. The World could not care less about the first, if the second is handled right.

The Nobel people have not said peep in three years. But then, they devised a fantastic, Madison Avenue-style image-making campaign to re-launch Mather and tell the World that everything is shipshape. Basically, they designed a Nobel Prize Booster Shot for Mather such as not even Sanofi Pasteur could design. Today, this campaign is well-known as the Nobel You Tube. Mather launched it amid worldwide fanfare and media blitz. The NASA rank-and-file went dancing and partying with them. They even tried to create the impression that NASA was a party to this re-launching by giving Mather the use of some NASA facilities for this purpose

How did NASA and Nobel Foundation part ways?

However, NASA top leadership did not budge at all. They had no part of this Reaffirm Mather campaign. They continued to keep Mather in the same doghouse on the same diet of Iams.

NASA and the Nobel Foundation parted ways.

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