When a university sets up a new tool of education such as a planetarium, it naturally wants to mark an auspicious beginning. Towson is no exception. They are inviting NASA science fraud John Mather to perform the hallowed ceremonies.

Beware of future discoveries from Towson University Planetarium!

Better yet, think twice about sending your children to a place which deliberately invites a widely known science fraud to inspire the students.

But attend the event by all means. Free freakshows are hard to come by.

Mark your calendar! The Department of Physics, Astronomy and Geosciences at Towson University celebrates the Grand Opening of our new Digital Planetarium and Telescope Facility on Saturday, March 27 at 8 pm. All are welcome to attend this free event.

Physics Nobel Laureate John Mather will speak at 8 pm on the theme “From the Big Bang to Life and the End of the Universe”. Dr. Mather led the team responsible for confirming the Big Bang theory with the Cosmic Background Explorer or COBE satellite in 1992. (The red and blue spots in the accompanying image shows the sky over Smith Hall as it would be seen by COBE’s microwave eyes. Those spots are the primordial density fluctuations from which the galaxies formed.)


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