Reader, from time to time now – starting with this post – I will describe in a popular science vein the contributions I have made to physics.

When you read these posts, you will understand why I am the supreme authority in physics. Why I alone can assail the Nobeled discoveries at will. Why I can declare as bogus what the world has accepted from the physics establishment as the God-given truth.

The Great Hypostyle Hall of Karnak
[Wikimedia photo]


First, think of Electromagnetic Theory as a set of effects in a set of mediums. Basically, we have three mediums:

Vacuum (absence of matter).

We are to discover what effects occur and how.

The foundation of EM Theory was laid down more than a hundred and fifty years ago by the likes of Faraday, Ampere, Maxwell et al. This foundation has been reworked twice since: Once by my teacher Hannes Alfven, and again by me.

When you take one EM effect in one medium, you can see this as a pillar of EM Theory (and of technology present and technology future.) When you arrange such pillars in a logical sequence, you have the makings of a hypostyle hall.

The effects we will speak of are the following:

Electromagnetic Waves
Electric Current J
Electromechanical force in a magnetic field B
Electromagnetic “Body” Waves in a magnetic field B

The last of these refers to the case where the medium – if it is a fluid or a fluid analogue – moves as an EM disturbance propagates. In other words, this is a coupling of electromagnetic and “hydrodynamic” effects.

Why “Great” Hypostyle Hall? Think about that one!

With this orientation, consider the following figures [click to enlarge]:

Figure 1: The beginnings of the Hypostyle Hall of Electromagnetic Theory due to Faraday, Ampere, Maxwell ….

Figure 2: The extension of the Hypostyle Hall of Electromagnetic Theory by Hannes Alfven.

Figure 3: The completion of the Hypostyle Hall of Electromagnetic Theory by Alfven’s student, Bibhas De.


Figure 4: Key to Figure 3 – The Hypostyle Hall of Electromagnetic Theory with the pillars identified.


11 – EM Wave in conductors
12 – EM Wave in dielectric
13 – EM Wave in free space
21 – Conduction current J_c
22 – Polarization current J_p
23 – Displacement current J_o
31 – J_c x B force in conductore
32 – J_p x B force in dielectric (De, others)
33 – J_o x B force in free space (De)
41 – Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Wave (Alfven)
42 – Magnetohydroelectric (MHE) Wave (De)
43 – EM Companion Wave (De)

Reader, you can now explore further by going first to my easy-to-read online articles, and thence to the actual scientific papers. Then come back and wander through the hypostyle hall above, and contemplate each single pillar – what it means, what its technology potentials are etc. Like the beautiful frieze in each pillar in Karnak, each pillar above has greatly nuanced meaning.

In subsequent posts, I will describe other similar contributions I have made to rework the foundation of physics.


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