Never in the history of man have so many noble organizations and powerful people come together to protect so diabolic a fraud on such a universal issue.

A poster in the public interest:
The John Mather Protection Circle

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NASA science fraud John Mather is surrounded by formidable defenses. Three years on since his gigantic fraud was exposed, people whose place it was to deal with this have instead either kept mum or feted Mather very loudly – as if to drown out the allegation. Three years of my efforts to penetrate through this defensive formation have yielded little result. What I have shown above are the inner defenses, and I have not even penetrated the outer defenses.
Even today, in a video released by the Honeywell Corporation this January, Mather is glorying luxuriously as though he did not have a care in the World. And indeed he does not – thanks to the Protection Racket.
He is lying through his teeth in videos such as this which will then be played for the World’s children for high inspiration. All thanks to the Protection Racket.
You might notice the conspicuous absence of NASA in the above diagram. This is because there are indications that the highest leadership of NASA (but not NASA rank-and-file such as the James Webb Telescope Team) is addressing the matter to an extent. This is the only place where good old American virtue seems to be lingering.
Reader, discuss this diagram with your children, and tell them what lessons they should learn. Tell them about good and evil, and tell them how to distinguish between the two. Tell them, because it is not so simple anymore. Not like when we were children.
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A poster in the public interest:
Don’t forget the Patron Saints!

Where do Steven Weinberg and Stephen Hawking stand on John Mather science fraud?
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Honeywell decides to package science fraud John Mather

Honeywell peddles lies to children [Click here to enlarge]
Right off the bat, you see the grandest of lies: “When the COBE satellite was first launched, theorists made predictions about what radiation from the Big Bang would have to look like and it was with huge relief that COBE confirmed it!”
COBE did not confirm it – COBE crapped out!
John Mather made stuff up out of whole cloth.
Only incompetent scientists and oxdung artistes will tell you that the “discovery” was legit.
Reader, do you want your children to be exposed to these lies?


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