Reader, in this post I will explain how I addressed a foundational issue of physics that a hundred years worth of the physics establishment has not been able to understand, let alone address.

When the foundation of a science is left uncompleted, further development of that science is less restrained and less constrained. This is the case with physics. This is why we have weird stuff like Big Bang Cosmology and String Theory. As I complete that foundation, these things will go the way of snake oil.

Static magnetic field lines extending over the vastness of empty space is an essential feature of the universe (best known examples being planetary, galatic and interstellar magnetic fields.) In the present view of physics, magnetic field line in empty space is just a mathematical definition. There does not exist correspondingly anything actual where this field is present.

Right off the bat, you should have problems with this in your gut. If you are, say, several minutes of light-travel-time away from the nearest source of magnetic field, and you do an experiment and see an instant effect of the local magnetic field, you might ask: Doesn’t this mean that something actually exists locally corresponding to the magnetic field lines?

Then you start to think: Well, if this is the case, then all of contemporary cosmology is based on incomplete knowledge of essential physics! All this business about dark matter and dark energy comes from people who do not know whereof they speak!

Now, if you pose this question to today’s great physics professor, he will laugh you out of his office. That’s because he has never felt these things in his gut, and he never will. That’s because he does not have a physics gut. Sad but true!

But I will answer. You will see that with me, you are in the highest of scientific company. Consider this diagram, which should be consider the most relevant diagram of contemporary physics development:



[Click here to enlarge]

What is at issue here is the entire new consideration of magnetic field, and not just the fact that it is a mass.

Now, if you wish to explore further, the best and the most convenient place to start is here. Then you can go to my scientific paper, also available online.

To end this post on a note of hope. Outside the physics establishment, fortunately for mankind, there are very fine thinkers. A new voice was added to those of Faraday and Maxwell. In June 2006 I received from Romanian physicist Ionel Dinu a manuscript that opens with the above two quotes from Faraday and Maxwell (This was the first time I learned about these quotes). Dinu explains in his own admirable way that magnetic field lines cannot be just fictitious geometric lines, but that something real exists where the lines are. In his view, the field lines are a manifestation of the flow of the pervasive ether. Dinu faced rejection from the physics establishment, but fortunately for him and for science, his paper is being published (Ionel Dinu, “What’s behind Faraday’s Magnetic Lines of Force”, Electric Spacecraft Journal, Issue No. 41, August 2006, pages 24-30.)

Ionel Dinu

Here is the absract of Dinu’s paper:

Since their discovery by Michael Faraday, magnetic lines of force have represented a powerful way to visualize magnetic fields. Nevertheless, their physical interpretation cannot be considered a settled issue even today. The voice of James Clerk Maxwell, who advocated a change in the state of the aether in regions where the lines were made manifest, has gradually been overcome by those of proponents of theories representing the lines of force as merely geometrical lines running through empty space. The accepted model is inadequate, and the present work provides a new interpretation of magnetic lines of force that restores the material aether as the seat of magnetic phenomena.

This is where it’s at. This is where physics needs help, and this is where the future of physics lies. The World is worshipping the Golden Calf with great festivities, but it won’t be long now until Moses comes down from the mountains.

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