Manned space flight, suborbital flight, return to the Moon, man on Mars, preferred space vehicle etc – all these hot issues you are reading about today are secondary issues. The real underlying issue is known to the NASA leadership, the White House and the US Congress: The quality of NASA as an organization has fallen far below anything even remotely acceptable. But for various reasons nobody wants to talk about this. So they are pretending to be fighting a battle over some surface issues.

See what company today’s NASA can be justifiably placed in.
This is the end result of an ingrown culture of decades.
Wall Street, Main Street, NASA, Nigeria – all evolved to produce their own scammers.
NASA outdid them all.
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Look at who should not be yapping sanctimoniously about NASA.
The US Congressional NASA Oversight people are part of the problem that needs to be reformed. That includes Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN).
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And here is one more thought I leave you with – think well on it: Today there is tremendous heated debate going on at the national level on whether space flight should be privatized or NASA should be in control. This is really a pointless debate because space flight technology has always been developed by outside contractors anyway. NASA only manages. Thus the real debate is about whether the NASA gravy boat should continue. There was that one time that technology was proudly and loudly developed by NASA inhouse! What was it? The COBE Satellite. What is the COBE Satellite? The greatest fraud in recorded history – as I have described above.

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