NASA has released a copious new crop of speaking engagements for their vaunted science fraud John Mather.

John Mather :: Speaking Schedule

Some highlights:

The Indians have found a good deal in John Mather. They put on these mushrooming conferences described as techfest, knowfest, hackfest … with funky names like Cognizance, Technovanza, Technozion, … , invite a major American Celebrity Nobel Laureate, and he aceepts to give a live videoconference lecture. Neat! The Indian organizers have secured major star billing without spending a single rupee, and Mather uses NASA’s World-class video facilities to make his appearance there:

February 25th
9:30am – Deliver a video lecture from GSFC to the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, SPIE
March 12th
9:30am – Deliver a video lecture from GSFC to Nimbus 2010 – NIT Hamirpur Annual TechFest

And he is also an inspirer on Systems Engineering. He would be! Who else could tell you how to make your software give picture-pefect results when your hardware goes haywire –

March 17th
Speak for the Annual Conference on Systems Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ.

He waxes philosophical –

March 19th8:30pm – Give a lecture for the Washington Philosophical Society

An equal opportunity inspirer, he is now inspiring the young and the old alike –

March 22nd
9:30am – Give lecture at George Mason University for Osher Lifelong Learning
6:00pm – Speak at Blake High School in Silver Spring, MD

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center presents its best face to the new hirees as they come in the gate –

March 23rd
Speak at GSFC for the New Employee Orientation

Like George Costanza, he is now into export/import –

April 7th
10:00am – Speak at GSFC for the NASA Export Control Review

He has somethinmg to say to the Harper Valley – er – Swarthmore PTA –

April 10th
Speak to parents at Swarthmore College, PA

Business, team-building, on and on it goes… –

April 27th
Participate in the Principal Investigator Team Masters Forum, Annapolis MD
April 29th
Speak for Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce, Princeton University, NJ
May 12th
Speak for Symposium for awardees of Cooperative Agreement Notice, GSFC Visitor Center

In future you might expect the NASA Nobelist at these speaking engagements:

Klean Karma Textravaganza
Result-oriented Project Management
Import Tariffs Conference
Address the Trilateral Commission
Address GSFC Cafeteria staff



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