Readers, three years on since the most diabolic fraud in recorded history perepetrated on humanity was exposed publicly, it is far too late for the scientific establishment to:

(1). Say: “I didn’t know!”
(2). Offer innocent explanations.
(3). Demand polite parlor language of gentlemanly scientific discourse when austere language of public accontability is called for.

There is now also the issue of the collective stonewalling by a learned community – also unprecedented in history.

In order to survive this new age of the scamming intellectuals, you need a survival guide. You need a special pair of eyeglasses through which the scammers will appears as skeletons and others will appear unchanged. In the case of the highest of these scamming intellectuals, the physics establishment, I am the only one who can provide you with such a pair of glasses. So here, try ’em on:

Big Bang Cosmology Quiz
[Click hereto enlarge]


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