The frogpond in a clearing inside a deep jungle has been here a long time. High above the pond is the dense canopy of the jungle. The clearing itself is circled by dense-packed tree trunks. The pond is fairly large but shallow, and a community of frogs has lived here for many generations. They have evolved the many qualities necessary to form and live in a society atmosphere. Beyond that, they have also evolved certain higher aspirations of the mind – inspired mostly by the wise among them. At the time of this story, there were three such wise frogs in particular – names of Boka, Burbak and Ahmak. Their particular interest was to gain knowledge of the Universe.


The state of cosmology at this point in time was thus: The Universe had a solid termination below, a semi-transition layer above, and beyond this – the final dense dark edge. Through this limiting dark edge however, some light filtered through. So the idea was that beyond the Universe there was just light – nothing else. No matter, no dimensionality, no directionality, just light. This light was slowly turned on and off in a cyclic fashion – and that created the frog ‘day’ and the frog ‘night’. The horizon was a circle which enclosed the semi-transition layer. One could cross this circle and venture beyond to the place where there was just the solid bottom underfoot and no atmosphere. One did not venture out very far in this forbidding territory. Monstrous alien beings of all descriptions have been spotted here. It was not safe.

Now the three wise frogs felt the strong urge – as all wise frogs do – to leave their own special mark on this cosmology. But to do so they needed new information, new observations. As it turns out, they were in luck.

Around about this time there was a great forest fire, and when it got done, the canopy was all charred. The frogs sensed the great holocaust, and stayed under water mostly to survive from it – except for taking an occasional peek. After the holocaust was over, there was sparkling bright, unfiltered daylight over the pond. As the charred branches and burned leaves fell, the canopy gradually became clearer. The light on the pond started to get brighter by the day. The three wise frogs immediately sprung to action.

Boka said: The edge of the Universe is flying away from us. The Universe is expanding and letting in more light. This is why we are seeing more and more light every day.

Burbak said: That means the Universe has exploded. This tremendous light and sound and agitation above the semi-transition layer we saw was the explosion. And the yellowish light that we saw – that had tremendous heat associated with it – was the very first light of this explosion.

Now Ahmak rose to the occasion: But along with yellowish light and heat, we also saw coils and drapes of dark stuff fill the forest. That must be the basic underlying phenomenon. The basis of everything is coils and drapes.

And thus it was that the frogs began to close in on the Universe. What it was up until now was irrelevant. Then drapes butted against one another, causing a tremendous explosion. The Universe started expanding. Everything was ultimately coils and drapes.

The name of Boka became forever associated with The Exapanding Universe, Burbak with The Original Explosion, and Ahmak with The Coil Theory and the Draips.



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