Reader, first take a good look at this fine picture of a very illustrious individual in public life:

University of Maryland President, C. D. Mote, Jr.
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On 2 April 2008, a year after the public allegation of science fraud was made, NASA uncerimniously demoted science fraud John Mather to his pre-Nobel job classification.
In December 2008, Mote’s institution had John Mather give the Commencement Address to the students.
And Mote anointed Mather with a Doctor of Science degree, honoris causa.
A big stink was raised with Mote by Dreamheron at that time.
Now Mote’s organization is at it again: Launching Mather on the Blake School kids.
This is mental child abuse.
It is time for President Mote to fire some butts, very publicly.
Any good CEO would do this.
Otherwise there will surely be a third time, a fourth time…
The academic protectors of John Mather are as indefatigable as they are dishonest.

On the evening of Monday, March 22, NASA science fraud John Mather will give a lecture to the kids at the James Hubert Blake High School. This is courtesy of the University of Maryland, Deaprtment of Physics. This Department has instituted a new outreach Lecture Series called:


and it will be inaugurated at the neighboring Blake School by none other than science fraud John Mather.

If you read the above poster, you will see that it leaves unclear whether Mather is appearing as a NASA Scientist or a private citizen. It is highly unusual for a distinguished speaker to be identified only as “an Adjunct Professor,” without any mention of his day job. The distinction is important because it relates to whether or not NASA is officially involved in this business.

Reader, unless you know this already, John Mather is a science fraud. I can say it because it is true. It is a matter in plain scientific evidence. Nobody can stop me from saying it because no expert will vouch for Mather on public record. So the butt-covering cronies of Mather pretend that that there is nothing the matter, and continue to fete him. As long as they are the establishment and the media is complicit in the cover up, they have nothing to fear.

So they figure: Let’s rehabilitate our good friend at the expense of these Blake kids, OK?! What the young’uns don’t know won’t hurt them.

Reader, never in my entire life have I seen adults collectively act this irresponsibly with respect to innocent, hapless kids. It is like little hatchlings in the nest are expectantly opening their beaks for food, and Mama Bird is putting poison there. Lordy Lordy!

My scientific authority in this matter is supreme. It is supreme because with my position, I tower over even the highest scientific evaluative body in the World, and in history: The Nobel Foundation. No man has ever stood in this place. So I do not need, or need to cite, anyone or anything to support me in my allegation. Dreamheron does not need consensus.

Still and all, you should know that – following my allegation – two successive NASA Administrators (NASA is where John Mather has his day job) have kept Mather downgraded and confined to his pre-Nobel job classification, to this day. The names of these Administrators who have kept Mather in this extremely humiliating situation are Dr. Michael Griffin and Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden. These are the highest US officials as far as this issue is concerned, short of the President of the United States.

I do not know of any other examples – apart from Peace Nobelists who are political dissidents – of a Nobel Laureate blatantly subjected to overt public humiliation by his Government, without any end in sight. There is only one explanation. (There may be various practical considerations – to do mostly with potential organizational disruption – why NASA cannot outright fire Mather.)

Reader, here is an example of how a fine British young man took matters into his own hands:


When various parties give you assurances that this is a false allegation against a fine scientist, think a little for yourself. The facts are all before you. Mather, by many accounts, is the greatest American scientist (greatest discoverer of all times…, most influential person in the World…. etc are some of the appellation given him.) At one time, people were falling over one another to find a better superlative to hang on Mather. And NASA Administrator Michael Griffin installed Mather on the highest NASA pedestal. So why would Griffin (a Bush appointee) suddenly yank Mather off this pedestal and send him back to his pre-Nobel position? And if this was due to some kind of personality conflict, the first thing the Obama-appointee Administrator Bolden, who replaced Griffin, would have done in office would have been to restore America’s crown jewel to his rightful place. Bolden today is making most sweeping changes in NASA from the Griffin era and shifting many people around, but the Mather situation is one issue he has done nothing about. He is honoring Griffin’s decision on this very fully. What do you think is behind this?

The parties that are giving you such assurances either do not know anything about anything, or they are most dishonest or dishonorable individuals.

Read my allegation of science fraud here:


What is new and important now is to note that the people in the UMD Physics Deaprtment, as well as the highest officials of the University of Maryland are well aware of this allegation. They have been since December 2008 at the latest – when they subjected their own kids to Mather. They are now launching their science fraud on the Blake kids with full knowledge of this allegation.

If I were a parent of one these kids, I would be hopping mad. I would write to NASA asking about this, and very qucikly it would be clear to me what was being done to my kid by the people at UMD. I would then move for the firing of the people there responsible for this.

Of course if President C. D. Mote, Jr. of the University of Maryland is knowingly supporting this even after the 2008 Commencement debacle, then no one’s going to be fired.

The kids are going to lose.

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