If an open-minded citizen of the World is intrigued by my allegation of science fraud against NASA’s Nobel Laureate John Mather, and does some looking, he will find that Mather is being feted by some of the highest intellectual groups of the World: The National Science Foundation, the Library of Congress, the Washington Philosophical Society… This citizen then might quite justifiably say: This allegation is crazy!

How would this citizen know about John Mather’s high profile feting? He would read Mather’s much vaunted, NASA-provided web page, the vanity of vanities:


Every few months, a new crop of speaking engagements is put up on this site. The World sees how many diverse organizations are ceremoniously applauding Mather to high heaven. John Mather is flying above Cloud Nine.

This web page is in fact Mather’s wings – whose span covers the World. These are powerful wings, because they are articulated by NASA’s phenomenal might. The web page also suggests that Mather has NASA’s full blessing and solid imprimatur in all the activities listed therein.

NASA just shut this web page down.

Consider this chain of events leading up to this:

On 10 December 2006 John mather receives his Nobel Prize.

As a recognition of this, on 2 April 2007 he is appointed NASA Chief Scientist. He is ceremoniously installed in NASA HQ on a padded swivel chair, and his Nobel Gold Medal is installed close by in an illuminated rotating glass case.

On 5 April 2007 I make my public allegation of science fraud.

On 26 March 2008, NASA cuts off Mather’s Nobel plumage by demoting him from his No. 3 status in NASA HQ to his pre-nobel job status at Goddard. A bizarre cover story is put out that Mather “resigned.”

On or about 24 March 2010, NASA cuts off his wings by unceremoniously shutting down the vaunted SPEAKING SCHEDULE web page.

On 5 April 2010, it will be the third anniversary of my public allegation of science fraud against Mather.


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