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April 5, 2010 will be the third anniversary of my exposing the Big Bang Cosmology fraud. On the whole, I am satisfied with the progress that has been made. The John Mather protection circle is nearly impenetrable. To this day, the scientific establishment and their touts in the media continue their obscene cosmic orgy. But real progress has been made where sense of duty and honesty and honor still prevails. Witness:

1. The former NASA Administrator Dr. Michael Griffin demoted the Big Bang Nobel Laureate John Mather to his pre-Nobel job status.

2. The present NASA Admninistrator Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden – although with a NASA philosophy different from Griffin’s – has honored Griffin’s decision and kept Mather in the doghouse. In addition, Gen. Bolden has just shut down the NASA web page Mather was using for his much-vaunted worldwide propaganda. Future hosts of Mather should ascertain if he will be speaking as a NASA Scientist or a private citizen.

3. In January two American Nobel Laureates, John Mather and Roger Tsien, were awarded Gold Medals by the Prime Minister of India, following plans made long ago. A photograph of Tsien and the PM – both beaming – was released. Whether acting on my emailed advice or not, no photographs of the PM and John Mather were released. A fine leader’s legacy was thus saved harmless.

4. None of the named 2009 John Mather Nobel Scholars – twelve fine young men and women of the World – stood for the customary photograph with John Mather.

Be grateful for these examples of the good that remain in the World, and counteract the forces of evil. I am not being melodramatic – just think about how much of your money these people have usurped; how many of your young they have diverted from fruitful pursuits. Think about your religious faith that they were going to impact one way or another.

The money that is being requisitioned today for Big Bang research should be considered outright fraud. Not science fraud, but just fraud – perpetrated by an alliance between the academia and the Government funding agencies.

Science has nothing to do with anything here. Three years ago when it was pointed out that the verification of Big Bang Theory was based on fraud science, it did not make an iota of difference to the scientists or the funding agencies. Money continued to flow in with accelerated pace.

Science is the vehicle for the Big Bang Cosmologist, just as Hedge Fund was the vehicle for Bernard Lawrence Madoff.

What we have here is a perception problem: The scammers are wearing showy gowns and emblazoned robes and lily white togas.

In the following poster I have tried to capture symbolically some aspects of this diabolic feat of the highest intellectuals in human history. They had woven great falsehoods into the story of man, his universe and his faith. They had perverted the course of the civilization – very nearly permanently.

But in the end, they will not succeed.

Slowly slowly, all men of honor will avoid the Big Bang Cosmologists. Slowly slowly.

Please click and enjoy this poster as you comtemplate the state and the direction of mankind.

The diabolic Big Bang Cosmology fraud
Its enablers, promoters, protectors, profiteers, coverer uppers…


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