George Costanza: I might tell her that I love her. I came this close last night, then I just chickened out.

Jerry Seinfeld: Well, that’s a big move, Georgie boy. Are you confident in the ‘I love you’ return?

George: Fifty-fifty.

Jerry: Cause if you don’t get that return, that’s a pretty big matzo ball hanging out there.

Stephen Hawking was 100% confident of the return when he told an adulating World: “I give you my beautiful mind.”

Indeed, they are buying tickets by the thousands to see Hawking on April 5!
Who are?
The Aggies.

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Stephen Hawking was awarded America’s highest honor, the Congressional Medal of Freedom, in 2009.
This is the handiwork of the physics establishment.
Earlier they got Edward Witten the National Medal of Science.
So what profound contribution did they make to physics to deserve these high honors?
Did they, for example, elucidate the mystery of “action at a distance”?
Did they resolve the issue of photon rest mass?
Did they rise to the challenge of Faraday and Maxwell and shed light on what magnetic field in empty space represents?
No, nothing this crass.
Those who have addressed such issues have been totally ignored by the establishment.
So, what has Hawking actually done for physics?
His life work proves:
Black Holes leak.

And what has Witten done for physics?
His mind’s soarings show:
Branes headbutt, make big bang.

These are not jokes!
So if you are bucking for a medal you better take it up a notch and come up with some synergistic, holistic physics equation that embodies all cosmological theories, all economic theories and all political theories and all post-modern social theories.
Now you need a funky name. Suppose your last name is Lyons. Invert the L vertically, and call it the Gamma Theory (get it?!)
Now you need a slogan. Come up with one that captures the imagination of the media. An example:
Black branes bang big tonight,
Ev’rybody Wang Chung tonight.

If you can make such a contribution, a trip to the White House is indicated.
And a trip to the Drottningholm Palace is highly probable!
Do not make any plans around December 10.

Stephen Hawking has abused the high podium the World citizens have so graciously and so lovingly given him, to deceive and mislead the World. Having once done that, for three years he refuses to retract and/or apologize. He has deceived the World to a degree that makes insignificant anything he has done himself. His bombastic comments on the greatest science fraud in history have had great influence in enshrining the fraud – and are still reverberating round the World. These comments are still being cited in support of the efforts to cover up for John Mather. And in case you did not know, his comments were officially cited in the record by the Swedish Nobel Committee for Physics as a justification for making the award to Smoot and Mather.

When Hawking does not want to face an issue, his people make the argument that he works under severe handicap. Fair enough. But if he has the energy to come to Texas and do all the things this trip entails, why doesn’t he have the energy to simply say: “I was wrong.” It is with full deliberation that he is not saying that.

He has pumped a worthless stock to high heaven and created a “buying” frenzy, and then gone into hiding.

Think about it a little: John Mather’s fraud is not Hawking’s fault. He was duped. So all he needs to do is to say: I was misled. Why doesn’t he say that? Because that will put a chink in his armor. You see, Stephen Hawkin’ is about money-makin’. If he issues a worldwide recall of his 1990s Bombast, it is likely to hurt his bottom line.

Hawking has chosen to aggressively deal in science and hence he is accountable in science. He is a dishonest and dishonorable scientist. He has perverted the course of science. His name and his work are now inextricably linked to this historical fraud – a fact that will be noted fully with time. To worship him is to worship a false idol.

To be measured against this is Hawking’s contribution to science. What is it? In essence, with his entire life, he has figured out that some little ooze comes out of Black Holes after all. There are probably thousands upon thousands of physics Ph. D. dissertations by unknown students that make stronger contribution than this doozy.

But no doubt the hordes of Hawking hucksters will try to glorify the high level Hawking hanky-panky as great science.

In sum, Stephen Hawking the Synthetic Genius is an apt icon for this Age of Fakery.


Dreamheron prays in his private sanctum:
Lordy Lordy! How thou triest thy humble servant! How much more garbage wilt thou have me take out, Lord?

A CORRECTION – 5 April 2010:

The past reports of Hawking retirement are superceded. I just saw this news item dated 26 March 2010:

Professor Stephen Hawking has announced he will not retire from Cambridge University before he reaches 70, and intends to carry on for many years after if he is able.

So for perhaps another five years he will continue to calculate the stuffings out of Black Holes. He once said something like this: “If I solve this, I get the Nobel Prize.” May be he figures he still has a shot at the Prize if he remains visible “on the scene.”

What this means for you the World is that there will be more Cambridge University attention-drawing press releases demanding your adulation, and more Hawking goodies for you to buy. What it means for me is that there will be more barrels of non-recyclable garbage to take out.

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