The illegitimi have worn you down!

Three years of my efforts to expose science fraud John Mather have all been for nothing. The James Webb Space Telescope Project of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is back in business again – the dishonest and dishonorable business of promoting the fraud they lovingly call “our own John Mather”. They have enlisted their contractor Northrop Grumman (how could they refuse?) and the Northrop Grumman-supported Da Vinci Schools (how could they refuse?) to present a strong three-party front to fete Mather. The kids at the school are just a convenient “audience.”

The JWST has been the most active group to fete Mather and thereby drown out the truth about him. By this action they are tarnishing their international partners such as the European Space Agency (ESA). Every time there emerge signs that Mather is being brought to account, there emeges JWST with a new promotional campaign. So let’s put this in a way ESA can understand: Kaum über eine Sache Gras gewachsen ist, kommt ein alter Esel daher und frisst es wieder ab!

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden either approves this nefarious program at JWST, or he has no control over these people. I think the latter is more likely the case. They are running circles around Bolden.

Three years after the fraud was exposed, there is no public acknowledgement from any quarters.


NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Project and its contractor Northrop Grumman are using the students of Da Vinci Schools to promote the NASA Science Fraud John Mather (see this post..)
John Mather should be the last person on Earth to be involved in any capacity in the JWST Project. This is rampant abuse of your tax dollars. More importantly, it is a defrauding of the citizenry by a Government organization.
And let’s not talk about the abuse of the innocent students of Da Vinci Schools by presenting to them a diabolic fraud as a genius. I am giving up on watching out for America’s young from being abused by being repeatedly presented the great John Mather example.
America’s young have been abused and abused and abused. I have talked and talked and talked for three years about this. But no one does anything.
Maybe I am wrong, and America wants her young to be inspired by Mather’s example. So be it then!
Here are only a few of the places where Mather has “inspired” America’s young:
Univ. of Maryland
Swarthmore College
Loudon School District
Park School Baltimore
Blake School
Da Vinci Schools
And here are a couple of programs for your young’uns to bask in the light of John Mather:
John Mather Nobel Scholarship
John Mather AIP Policy Internship
Gen. Bolden, I thought you were a better man!

Reader, I have given this diabolic fraud (leading to the profoundest of “discoveries”) three years of my life. I am not daunted by the dishonest power groups behind Mather: The US academia, the US Government organizations involved, the US Congress arms involved and the US media; and the Swedish Nobel Foundation. Dishonesty has become a way of life in these collectives. This is after all the Age of Fakery, the Age of the Scamming Intellectuals.

However, I am discouraged to see that no one else cares. The nation is content to let this matter be, even when her children are being used and abused. Why should I then carry on with this fool’s errand?

It is one thing to go after some priests for some long-ago physical abuse. But what about the mental abuse happening right now, right before your eyes? What do you think will happen to these impressionable kids listening wide-eyed and full of loving admiration, to John mather when they later find out this was a most diabolic fraud? Why not ask a shrink and find out? Here is what one grown-up kid in a similar situation said:

…Ken Lay’s signature is on my diploma because he was Chairman of the Board of Regents. I’ve had bad luck ever since. Maybe, I should try a voodoo ceremony and burn the diploma to change my life. An exorcism of it couldn’t hurt either.

And here is what your grown-up little girl might say or think some day:

I was absolutely bowled over after listening to John Mather. So intelligent, so profound, and yet so charming and so handsome. It was a life-changing experience for me. He became my god, my role model, my life guide. But…

Anyway, this is my last post on the subject of the John Mather fraud. It is a damn fool thing for me to continue to go do-gooding when the World does not want the “good” done to it.

[But check back on posts on other subjects.]

John Mather gets away with it. But is it over because I give up? Not by a long shot. The cost to the moral authority of the nation has been so terrible that the Founding Fathers would shudder to contemplate this. The US has been permanently crippled as an ethical leader of the community of nations.

How so? Let the US establishment now try accusing someone in any part of the World of science fraud! There will be very loud counter charges of selective and hypocritical application of the law and the ethics that will reverberate round the World. The US media will not be able to keep a lid on this as they are apt to. The whole Mather business will finally hit the fan.

Finally, note that even the Pope has come through:

“He prayed with them and assured them that the Church is doing, and will continue to do, all in its power to investigate allegations, to bring to justice those responsible for abuse and to implement effective measures designed to safeguard young people in the future,” the Vatican statement said.

But NASA does not! They have some type of license to abuse your young.

There is a higher stone wall around John Mather than there is around His Holiness the Pope. That much is now in plain evidence.


The Vatican and NASA: Same transgression, different results.
His Holiness will watch out for the kids vis-a-vis the priests.
Who will watch out for the kids vis-a-vis John Mather?


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