Reader, from what I have told you so far, it must be absolutely clear that today’s academic physics research establishment stands for three things and only three things:

1. Feeding their pockets.
2. Feeding their ego.
3. Suppressing those who wish to advance physics as a beneficial way for the society.

From time to time I will introduce to you people in this last category. These are really the people you should applaud. They represent the remnants of genuineness in this Age of Fakery.


Ionel Dinu and Maurice Hately: Two fine thinkers of contemporary physics.

Read more about Ionel Dinu’s work.

Read more about Maurice Hately’s work.

The dismissing of any efforts to open the ‘old and closed’ subjects has been very crucial to the academic physics establishment. Without this, they could not proceed on their merry way – that way which gets them on PBS TV and garners book royalties. Who loses? The human society. Isn’t this a terrible price to pay to keep some fops and dandies in limelight and in the money?

The scientific civilization stands where it is today because Maxwell opened and ‘old and closed subject’; and so did Darwin; so did Hannes Alfven; so did many others. Think of your own examples. In fact, episodic advancements of the scientific civilization have typically come from long-overdue revisions.


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