Readers, in this Age of Fakery, a little home truth about what is going on around you:

Up until a few decades ago, there was a very strong and fruitful branch of physics called Mathematical Physics. But then disaster happened. A few very clever mathematicians who had no gut-level understanding of physics saw that great fame and fortune could be made under the umbrella of physics, but not mathematics. So they ushered in what may be called Mathematicians’ Physics. This is a vehicle they would use for their ends, seeing as how they could not hack it in physics proper. These people were clever enough to realize two things:

(1). They had very quickly to achieve ‘critical mass’: gain support of the media and other powerbroker groups before anybody could justly laugh them out of physics. This they did.

(2). They had to concentrate on that area of physics where their handiwork would have the greatest direct appeal to the masses and where they would face the least hardcore scientific accountability. This they did.

(You will not find a single one of these blighters trying to help out with fusion energy research or climate change modeling! If it reeks of doing something useful for humanity, they have no interest in it. If it entails no instant limelight, they have no interest in it.)

The difference between Mathematical Physics and Mathematicians’ Physics is the same as the difference between Internal Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery. Both fields are led by legit MD doctors. So you might say: What’s wrong with cosmetic surgeons? Absolutely nothing. But think of your little town where a great many cosmetic surgeons have occupied the medical buildings, evicting the Internal Medicine practitioners.

Mathematical Physics was the underpinning of the scientific civilization. Mathematicians’ Physics is good for the Glam Shows.

(Indeed, these blighters are changing the very nature of a scientific discipline. They have, for example, made great celebrity hay out of the photogenic aspects of some of their number. Google Image is replete with such photos in stylish or even what some might consider Hollywood-style seductive poses! Lordy Lordy!)

There you have it, in a nutshell.

When you properly understand the work of these operators, you – even if you are a most tasteful person – will be moved to draw scatological analogy. As indeed a Princton moral philosopher was forced to do.

These blighters are taking physics under as surely as the quants took Wall Street under. Some of these blighters are being pitched as great geniuses today, just as some of the quants were.

What can you the layman do? Plenty. Reject the Edward Wittens and the Stephen Hawkings. Next time you see their mug on TV, turn to a rerun of Seinfeld. You would be a happier person for it. Next time you see a book of theirs loudly displayed at Borders, buy a Farmer’s Almanac instead. You would be a better informed person for it. Next time you hear they garnered some big medal, reflect on what this World has come to. You would be a better citizen for it.

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Edward Witten
The greatest of them all!

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The gilding of Wittenshit

Edward Witten
The Adoration of the Magus?
What we had here was a communication problem.
But the most effective and most expressive terminology introduced by Frankfurt into responsible public discourse now permits us to tell it like it is.
With the clarity of crystal.
Just one little taboo word was all that was needed.


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