Give me a freak.
Give me a fraud.
Give me a celebrity hit parade.
And I will give you the World Science Festival!

Readers, great festivities – complete with Hollywood and media celebrities, catwalks, red carpets and all – will fete NASA science fraud John Mather as he inspires the World’s young:

“Pioneers in Science gives middle and high school students the rare opportunity to interact with … Nobel laureate and NASA astrophysicist John Mather—whose groundbreaking research has greatly advanced our understanding of the origin of the universe—will meet live and online with both local New York City-area students and others joining from Africa and Asia …”

Lord please watch out for these kids, for no one else is!


JOHN CROMWELL MATHER, NASA Scientist and co-winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize for Physics, is a science fraud. He is in fact the greatest fraud in human history. NASA has not come out and said it out loud. But here is the hard official Government fact on the ground that would raise questions even in the mind of Gomer Pyle: Two successive NASA Administrators have kept Mather confined to his pre-Nobel job status. What is more, Mather meekly lives in that abject humiliation. What is even more, all of Mather’s powerful friends cannot do anything about this here situation.

So they try to help him in other ways.

There are a great many people who are simply looking the other way and feting Mather. These are intelligent people, and know exactly what they are doing. These are very corrupt individuals in noble mantles that are systematically deceiving the World. But to what purpose?

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Announcement of the World Science Festival

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The intellectual freakshow
World Science Festival: John Templeton Foundation, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Simons Foundation


The World Science Festival is giving big star billing to John Mather (“Pioneers in Science”) – the greatest scince fraud in history; and Stephen Hawking (“Opening Night Gala”) – tout, aider and abettor of Mather.

John Mather committed the diabolic fraud in the final frontier – the first fraud in space, and Stephen Hawking touted it to high heaven in bombastic language. After the fraud was exposed, Hawking remained silent while his bombast was being cited in efforts to cover up the fraud. Thus Hawking became an aider and abettor of the fraud after the fact.

You have to pay to have a ‘darshan’ of Hawking (This seems to be the cheapest admission: “$250 Copper Ticket. One ticket to Performance and Gala Reception”). They are banking fraud. However, no amount of money will get you to the presence of Mather. You see, you can see him “by invitation only.”

Some years ago Stephen Hawking summerized his life work: Black Holes leak. Then in an SRO ‘gala’ in Hong Kong, he disclosed: The Earth will self-destruct. Colonize space pronto! And in another recent gala, he predicted: When the humans and the aliens meet, it will be murder! So I am certainly curious what the revelation will be in New York.

If you can separate Hawking the poignant man and Hawking the aggressive physicist, then I can tell you that in his latter capacity he is a freak – unless you take him to be a physics comedian. Those who applaud him as a genius are also freaks.

As to Mather, it is outrageous that the organizers and the sponsors would expose school children to this fraud. Children are being sacrificed so that the glitterati can do their celebrity dance. I would venture a guess that Mather is participating there as a private citizen and not as a NASA Scientist. In the latter regard, his wings have been clipped. I don’t think NASA wants him to represent them anywhere anymore. Especially, I do not think NASA would be a party to Mather ‘inspiring’ the young. Let us hope that this event will be the last straw for NASA, and that they will show Mather the EXIT door.

I would also wonder darkly why access to this popular-science event on ‘pioneers of science’ is being restricted. What is special, or secretive or privileged about this topic? Mather has been yapping all over the place for last few years to whomever will listen – why this clubbiness in one corner of what is being promoted as a wide open public forum? What are they afraid of? Hecklers? Rotten eggs?

In South Korea, they criminally prosecute science fraud. In the US, they laud them in star-studded “gala” celebration – even if they have to cordon off a section.

These festivities that underscore this Age of Fakery are being sponsored by:


They are a party to knowingly promoting a fraud that Mather’s employer NASA has passed upon in clear signals to the World. If these organizations bothered to talk to NASA leadership, they would have found out very quickly what they are into.



The World Science Festival is merchandized by Columbia University professor Brian Greene, a physics huckster and profiteer. He has long been engaged in the Hollywoodization of physics. It is for such ‘merchandizability’ that it was necessary to nurture and rear the bastardized physics called String Theory – a way for grown men to escape doing any useful work and yet bask in limelight and live off the society. While the public is being treated to what is ostensibly great flight of human imagination by upmarket peddlers like PBS and NOVA, great $$$ are flying in and settling in certain pockets like flamingos landing on Lake Nakuru. Science has nothing to do with anything here. Physics is being merchandized by Brian Greene the way Eastern spirituality is merchandized by Deepak Chopra.

There is always the impression of doing some great good for humanity. The World Science Festival, for example, is itself a non-profit organization. But it gives Greene great visibility as he rubs shoulders with the celebrities from the media, Hollywood, Broadway etc – and in the end all these translate to book royalties, DVD royalties and so on. On the intagible side, it helps feed a Narcissistic ego. So now you begin to see why this sudden intense flurry of activities to popularize and glamorize and romanticize physics has come about. The urgency here nearly matches that in the relief effort following a great natural calamity.

Does physics need such an extravaganza with Hollywood celebrities like Alan Alda and media celebrities like Elizabeth Vargas? Not the physics I know. For whose benefit is this weirdorama being staged?

If you observe the progression from the Chopras and the Lacans to the Greenes and the Mathers, you will see that the intellectual scammers are getting increasingly more sophisticated and their purse is becoming fatter. Readers, where would you be without me opening your eyes to what is really going on around you?


Me, I don’t want a single penny of your money. As I said, we are well into the Age of Fakery. This is like a very long night of the living dead – and we’ve got to look out for one another.

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