The most burning question of the 21st Century

Readers, in my travels I have had the good fortune to meet people of many pursuits from many lands. Invariably, the subject of physics comes up. Here is what I have gathered from many such instances: The World’s entire perception of contemporary physics consists of Black Holes, Big Bang Cosmology and String Theory. If you delve further, you quickly realize that the World’s entire perception comes from just a handful of ‘popular science’ books, TV programs and iconic faces.

Such is the unprecedented power of the scamming intellectuals of physics who today control the media and the funding agencies and the accolades-giving agencies very completely. They have invaded Physicsville with their formidable battle tanks: Their mathematical Rube Goldberg Machines.

They are out to line their own pockets and feather their own egos – and physics as way of advancing the civilization has been covered up in, and suffocated to death by their oxdung.

After they have squeezed the physics lemon for all it is worth, they will move their Machines on to philosophy. Nothing – absolutely nothing – has been able to stop this scourge.

And don’t forget the enormous young talent (good talent) that is being diverted to the above cause: a kind of Brane Drain. For these young, the new chant seems to be:

Hare Stevie Hare Stevie Hare Stevie
Hare Hare
Hare Eddie Hare Eddie Hare Eddie
Hare Hare

And the society has no recourse!

But now on your side there is Dreamheron. Just as the term Gerrymandering contributed to great public understanding and awareness of a phenomenon of crucial public interest, we need to coin two terms to correct false public perception that has been systematically brought about. And in so coining these terms, we might benefit by taking a page from the distinguished Princeton University moral philosopher Harry G. Frankfurt.

With this preamble, I present to you this self-explanatory graphic:

[Click for a larger view]

What physics is not about!


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