No man or woman of honor and common human decency should be at a place where they are arranging for a known fraud to ‘inspire’ children.

Child abuse includes physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Subjecting children to science homilies from a science fraud is emotional child abuse beacuse it aims to inflict emotional scar.

Would you go to an Economics “Festival” studded with Hollywood and Broadway and media celebrities where Bernie Madoff inspires children? If not, then don’t go to a similar Physics Festival where a science fraud inspires the children.

If you do, then you are a guy who is salivating to stand next to some big star, the children be dammed.

NASA Nobel Laureate John Mather, the greatest fraud in human history, has been given free run to ‘inspire’ America’s young. All my efforts to stop this have been in vain. So I had given up on that front.

But now the children of Asia, Africa…?!

[Witness: “Pioneers in Science gives middle and high school students the rare opportunity to interact with world-renowned scientists. In this installment, Nobel laureate and NASA astrophysicist John Mather—whose groundbreaking research has greatly advanced our understanding of the origin of the universe—will meet live and online with both local New York City-area students and others joining from Africa and Asia.”]

Anybody who had any intention of finding out about Mather had but to contact the NASA leadership. But that does not behoove his friends the child abusers. They simply don’t want to know on the record – so they have deniability. But in fact they know!

Dr. Oliver Sacks, please do not go there.
Dr. Harold Varmus, please do not go there.
Speak to NASA Administrator Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden!

See my earlier post.

Praise the Lord! According to the Festival website today, Asia is no longer included in the inspiration regime! Now, how about you, Africa?


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