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The modern-day Phantasmagoria
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The World Science Festival 2010 extends the John Mather inspiration regime on to the Dark Continent, drags Ghanaian children into their Phantasmagoria.
A few Ghanaian youngsters reportedly walked for three hours (under the Africa sun) to get to a videolink to the Great Inspirer.

“When kids look up to great scientists the way they do to great musicians and actors, civilization will jump to the next level.”

– Brian Greene,
Columbia University professor, physics huckster and money-raker,
Promoter of Hawkingshit and Wittenshit,
Developer of World Science Festival,
A fitting icon for this Age of Fakery

Brian Greene strikes an Austin Powers-esque pose on the physics catwalk

Readers, what is this “next level” of civilization Brian Greene is envisioning? It is a new world where you will all be Stepford Wives. You will exist to feed the greed and the ego of the new scientific cabal of Narcissistic Moneyrakers that are represented in the World Science Festival.

This new world will have nothing to do with science the way we have known it thus far, and believe me, it will not be a festival for you.


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