Each year about the first week of October, the Nobel Laureates are announced in Stockholm. But on or about July 21, some related announcements are made in Greenbelt, MD: The John Mather Nobel Scholars.

The Mather Nobel Scholars are chosen from summer interns at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The program is administered by the Henry Foundation which says it has no connections to NASA.

The first crop of five Mather Nobel Scholars were announced in 2008. Then the five were treated to day-long feting, followed by picture-taking with Mather himself. Some media outlets carried the news. The home institutions of the scholars made proud announcements.

The second crop of twelve scholars were announced in 2009. There was no feting, and no picture-taking. Media outlets did not carry the news. There was not much glorying in evidence at the home institutions of the scholars.

If you follow this progression, what might happen this year?

Altogether, seventeen John Mather Nobel Scholars walk this Earth today. Soon there will be more.

And this year there will usher in a new breed of illustrious young: the AIP Mather Public Policy Interns. The first-year slate of two young men who will thus propagate the Mather name has already been chosen.

The Mather Nobel Scholars and the Mather Interns, unbeknownst to themselves, are serving a purpose: Keeping John Mather the science fraud in the news, in the limelight, in evidence in the mantle of a noble pillar of the nation. Thus Mather is postponing the inevitable. Don’t forget that Mather himself is funding these positions with his own personal money. The Henry Foundation and the AIP are just fronting him.

In the interest of full public disclosure, these award should more appropriately be named

John Mather Nobel Fraud Scholar
AIP Mather Fraud Public Policy Interns

According to page 4 of this document – put out in the name of NASA GSFC by Space Grant Spring Meeting – the John Mather Nobel Scholarship program is alive and well at GSFC. It will be awarded again this year for the third year to some lucky summer interns there.


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