We are now well into the Age of Fakery. It is the age of the scamming intellectuals. The highest scamming is done by the highest intellectuals. The highest intellectuals are the physicists. So, in a graded list of intellectual scammers, physicists will occupy the first several slots. The Deepak Chopras, the John Yoos, the Talking Heads and the Media Pundits et al will come further down.

One of the main characteristics of the Age of Fakery is that the World inures itself to the oddest of occurrences, thinking that it is a harbinger of the new. If somebody turns physics into a three ring circus, the World thinks that this is the new direction physics is taking, in nature’s own course. Of course the citizens of the World do not have the knowledge of physics to reach these conclusions by themselves. It is the media that is training them thus and actively helping this declivity of the civilization.

Why are they all doing this, you ask? Because in the affairs of man, most conventional and innovative avenues of making easy fame and quick fortune have run their courses. Now you have to do this at the expense of taking the civilization under. This is a hidden pool they have discovered – and they are sneaking in and taking dips in it. This is a very special warm water pool – heated by a bunch of strange cocoons at the bottom.

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John Mather, Frank Wilczek, Stephen Hawking, Edward Witten, Brian Greene

John Mather, Frank Wilczek, Stephen Hawking, Edward Witten, Brian Greene
Physics icons for the Age of Fakery
[Photo credits: Mather and Wilczek:; Hawking and Witten:; Greene:]


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