The USA Science and Engineering Festival , headed by a man called Larry Bock, is off to a tainted start. Right off the bat, they are out to groom NASA science fraud John Mather: Not only have they included him in the Board of Advisors alongside a bunch of other Nobel Laureates, but they are having Mather sit down with school kids and inspire them.

In a most incongruous inclusion in the biographical Wikipedia entry, this minor matter has been given large space in the Mather entry there:

In Oct 2010 Mather will be participating in the USA Science and Engineering Festival’s Lunch with a Laureate program where middle and high school students will get to engage in an informal conversation with a Nobel Prize winning Scientist over a brown bag lunch[2]. Mather is also a member of the USA Science and Engineering Festival’s Advisory Board[3].

Remember that NASA has shut down Mather’s glory web page, JOHN MATHER ::SPEAKING SCHEDULE. So he now needs avenues such as Wikipedia to communicate with the World.

This must be a desperate effort to show to the World that there is nothing the matter with Mather’s “discovery”.

But there surely is something the matter: More than three years after receiving the Nobel Prize, he remains at his pre-Nobel job classification at his home institution, NASA. NASA has not given him any honorifics or any recognition as a result of his Nobel Prize – not even a lollypop to suck on. Even average employees and non rocket-butt employees move up on a time-scale of three years, but not NASA’s one-and-only crown jewel, their “legendary scientist”. He is kept in the doghouse, muzzled.

It is clear that some folks are choosing to ignore this loudly broadcast message from the NASA Leadership, and proceeding to fete Mather to high heaven. This blog site will provide you with a trailing record of such activities.


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