We hang little thieves, and take off our hats to great ones.
-German proverb
[Petty science fraud Jan-Hendrik Schoen – a German – was castigated by the Americans.
Grand science fraud John Mather – an American – is being feted by the Germans.]

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The 2010 Lindau Nobel Meetings – held under the auspices of Countess Bettina Bernadotte – are celebrating NASA science fraud John Mather.
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More than three years after Mather received his Nobel Prize, the United States Government today keeps him confined to his pre-Nobel job classification – a level he had been in for many years prior. This punitive action by the Government followed my allegation that Mather’s Nobel discovery was fraudulent.

It is my conclusion that the Government may have done what it thinks it can do under its constraints. It was then up to the physics establishment to issue a public statement that Mather’s discovery is fraudulent.

Mather’s friends choose not to see this clear message, and think they can counteract the Government’s humiliation of Mather by feting him.

The fact that Mather’s situation of extreme public humiliation within NASA does not change year after year as his feting outside continues proves two things:

1. NASA has made a determination that Mather does not deserve any inhouse official recognition because of his Nobel Prize, and does not merit any advancement even in normal course of employment.

2. John Mather’s friends know that they do not have a leg to stand on in suggesting/demanding that NASA take their superhero out of the doghouse. They know that the NASA Administrator has the full backing of his boss, the President of the United States. So these friends are engaged in a nefarious attempt to mislead the public – with great help from the media.


The Lindau Nobel Meetings are among the highest intellectual forums in the World – if not The Highest. Quite understandably then, in this Age of Fakery – otherwise known as the Age of the Scamming Intellectuals – this lot is feting science fraud John Mather this summer (June 27 – July 2, 2010).

A great many august Nobel Laureates are standing abreast with science fraud Mather in Lake Constance, Germany – giving a resounding affirmation to one of their own. Additionally, German/Austrian Royalty also stand behind this grotesque activity to corrupt the World. And as if this were not enough, some of the biggest corporations are also associated with this.

What a damn shame! What has this World come to?!

Unlike in Mather’s glory days when NASA put out some blurb every time their crown jewel John Mather scratched his nose, there is today no acknowledgement whatsoever from NASA on the Mather feting at the Lindau Nobel. And Mather himself cannot glory in his NASA-provided propaganda web page, because NASA has shut it down!

Remember when Mather was feted to high heaven in India last January? NASA did not say peep. Mather then sat on an international space panel – ostensibly representing NASA. NASA did not say peep.

John Mather is hanging out there – twisting slowly, slowly in the wind – while his fellow Nobel Laureates gather round and applaud him. Reader, here is a question for you: Why can’t all these high and mighty friends of Mather rescue him from the abject humiliation in which he lives in the NASA doghouse? Why can’t all of these Titans together give Mather an honorific job and rescue him from the NASA Administration?

Because these high and mighty individuals – presumed champions of scientific truth – in actuality do not have the stones to face the truth. These are the worst offenders of what is decent and graceful about human existence on this planet. There is honor even among thieves – but not among this lot. Even the Vatican accepts accountability for the transgression among the brethren, but not this lot.

The Lindau Nobel Meetings are a disgrace. The feting of Mather by the organizers of these meetings is a very deliberate and calculated assault on truth. These people are fully aware of the truth about Mather – which was communicated to them, and which has stood in full public view for over two years now.

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Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, David Gross, Harold Kroto, Mario Molina, Carlo Rubbia, Oliver Smithies, George Smoot, Gerardus ‘t Hooft, Martinus Veltman
These Nobel Laureates are giving their reputation to prop up John Mather, the greatest science fraud in history. I guess they never read as children this bit:

Honor and shame from no condition rise;
Act well your part, there all the honor lies.

I done told youse folks once, an’ ahmona tell ya again: Y’all ain’t gonna do no hanky-panky under them Noble Price banners! I is watchin’ – for the good of the whole deng World.

Comprenez-vous ?
¿Usted entiende?
Begrijpt u?
Verstehen Sie?
Vill du förstå?

Readers, for over three years people such as these have kept the worst science fraud in history propped up – like Norman Bates’s mother. Should these be the people to inspire your young?


John Mather, Carlo Rubbia, Martinus Veltman, Gerardus ‘t Hooft at the Lindau Nobel Meetings 2010

Nobel Laureates Harold Kroto, George Smoot, John Mather, Aaron Ciechanover and Ivar Giaever meet with students at the Lindau Nobel Meetings 2010


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