There is no 2.7 K Blackbody in the sky.
It is a fraud

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Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR)

Understand it!


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Big price tags, Bang-up bogus science?
NASA-COBE Satellite fraud
NASA-WMAP Satellite: The High Frontier is the safest place to do garbage science — until, that is — a graduate student pokes around!

The European Space Agency (ESA) has launched its Planck Satellite, and it is now operational. It will measure the CMBR with great precision. No doubt it will vastly add to our knowledge in this regard.

But the Europeans are on completely wrong footing when they (quite unnecessarily) promote their work as the continuation of the Smoot-Mather bogus confirmation of the Big Bang Cosmology.

The Planck Website states that this satellite will study the (already proven) Big Bang in great detail and address such issues as the age of the universe, the relic radiation, dark matter, dark energy etc. They take the John Mather fraudulent discovery of the 2.7K Blackbody Spectrum as their ground truth – upon which they are to build further:

“Planck is designed to ‘see’ the microwaves and, in practice, it will detect them by measuring temperature. That temperature is already known to be about 2.7K (which is very cold, about –270°C, near absolute zero). It has been measured to be 2.726K all over the sky to three decimal figures.”

This is very strange – considering that two successive NASA Administrations have clearly broadcast to the World that they will not reward Mather inhouse for his “discovery”. They did so by visibly confining Mather to his pre-Nobel job classification. Whatever goodies they gave Mather on the initial euphoria of the Nobel announcement they stripped him of. They left Mather just one fig leaf – the leadership of the Science Working Group (SWG) of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). Gullible people cite this as (the only) proof that Mather is being recognized by NASA, but he already had this position long before he got the Nobel Prize. In actuality, NASA has kept Mather tightly hemmed in. He is NOT the science head of JWST. The head is Eric Smith. And Mather’s second on the SWG is actually his boss. So a fig leaf is what Mather has got here to cover his shame. And he actually uses it! No other Nobel Laureate in the World needs to present his credentials this way – it defeats the whole purpose (“He needs no introduction.”)!

So why isn’t ESA – which has the capacity to understand the fraud as much as any other high-tech science organization, if not more – heeding the message?

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Physics Nobel Laureate Martinus Veltman – an European – on Big Bang Cosmology

The Europeans should simply let their satellite tell them what it can – and proceed from there. Why strap yourself down to a story line ab intio – and a completely bogus, largely American story line at that? Why posit the Planck Satellite as descended from the sordid COBE-WMAP legacy?

The CMBR may have significance for cosmology, but there one must start with a clean slate and with some physics in the gut – for a change.

Readers, most interestingly, there is also this statement in this website about the Planck Satellite – which seems not only to fold the above Big Bang umbrella but also to cast it away:

“Its ultimate goal will be to help astronomers in deciding which theories on the birth and evolution of the Universe are correct.”


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