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Them’s the facts on the ground!

The meteoric rise and precipitous fall of NASA Nobel Laureate and science fraud John Cromwell Mather

John Mather’s friends try to put a happy face on the above events with their excuses galore. There’s one view that says that Mather served the one-year rotating term as a Chief Scientist and returned to his previous job. This is completely false There were many statements from NASA that said he was being appointed to provide long-term vision. And Mather’s departure from the HQ was actually pretty ugly.

Another view says that the fact that Mather received “various assignments” within NASA is nothing unusual. Yet another view says that many Nobel Laureates choose to remain in place and continue their previous work.

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John Mather rewards: NASA giveth, NASA taketh away

It is incredible how gullible intelligent people become when they are trying to support an indefensible cause. These people will never come to terms. The next level for them will be “Say it ain’t so, Joe!”

“Say it ain’t so, Joe!”

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John Mather fast facts

Readers, please to note that John Mather has an incredible array of very high power friends who have his back. But there is absolutely nothing these friends have been able to do to rescue him from this abject public humiliation within NASA.

So they try to help Mather by feting him in those venues over which they have control. They sit with him and be photographed with him. These are the people Noam Chomsky had in mind when he spoke of “moral cowardice and intellectual corruption.” These are the people George Orwell had in mind when he said “Enlightened people seldom or never possess a sense of responsiblity.”

Who are these people? You have but to view my previous post – immediately preceding this!


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