The atmosphere is full of air.
The ocean is full of water.
The sky is full of 2.7 K Blackbody radiation.

These are today considered ground truth. Unless you are mad as a March hare, you would not question these. Especially the last one. The greatest and the brightest of our scientists and engineers have labored for decades with the highest of technology and the most generous of funding to establish this ground truth. The rest of the World has accepted this to be the case – all the way to the Halls of the Vatican.

What is this 2.7 degrees Kelvin Blackbody radiation? It is the omnipresent heat that is left over from the time of the Big Bang – when a tiny primitive atom exploded thunderously to make the universe and everything in it. This “relic” heat bathes us all today – just as the atmosphere surrounds us all today.

The highest scientific experts have agreed on this. And indeed, the Vatican has all but said that there should added a new piece to the Bible at the beginning of Genesis:

Dixitque Deus fiat panton ex nusquam et facta est panton ex nusquam.
And said God let there be Big Bang, and there was Big Bang.

However, they are still debating the language.

But Virginia, there is a supreme authority who towers above all the preceding authorities. That is Dreamheron. This authority does not question or discuss or posit or debate. He simply tells you. And he tells you that there is no 2.7 K Blackbody in the sky. This is a story of how an inept, shock-jock science captured the bully pulpit and gradually transformed to outright fraud – with the highest and the widest and the largest group of intellectuals possible standing behind it.

So Virgina, do not let anyone mislead you.

When you have grown up some and learned a little science, read the full story of the fraud.


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