Readers, how much money have you shelled out to String Theorists thus far? Lot more than Bernie Madoff‘s take.
What have the String Theorists done with your money? Whoopped it up, basked in limelight, traveled the World, marketed more books and dvds – putting Deepak Chopra to shame.
How much money have you spent on these products? Lots.
And having spent all that money, what are you doing now? Sitting uncertainly.
You should become a more savvy taxpayer. Here is some home truth.

The clever exploits base human greed
The cleverer exploits sublime human spirituality
The cleverest exploits limitation of human intellect

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Edward Witten String Superstring Theory Math Mathematics:
It seems forbidding and formidable only because it is shrouded in a lot of mumbo jumbo unfamiliar to you.
It becomes crystal clear when someone explains it in concepts familiar to you.

QUIZ: Is this a transformation matrix or is this a neural network?


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