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NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Director Robert D. “Rob” Strain has been presiding over the stonewalling and the re-grooming of the John Mather science fraud. The cattle-branding of America’s young (some 23 thus far) with the John Mather name could not proceed without his express knowledge and approval – this is the third year of such branding, in Strain’s very own house!

Readers, it appears that NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Management has made a decision to re-groom and re-launch science fraud John Mather – and so to reaffirm his fraudulent discovery. There are at least two major new items posted in their official publications, glorifying John Mather: An ostensible “interview” whose real purpose is to try to justify the hosting of the abominable Mather-Nobel Schlarships at Goddard, and a thrilling full-page tale about how a replica of the Mather Nobel Prize was flown in the Space Shuttle Atlantis (read below).

It seems to me that the leaders of NASA and Goddard Management are working at cross purposes. The leaders have kapt Mather in the doghouse and Goddard cannot do anything about this. So Mather’s Goddard friends are trying to undo this humiliation of Mather by grooming him in ways over which they have local control.

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The Goddard Fraud:
Science fraud at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center has the deepest and the most far-reaching significance for man.
Today the Goddard scientists are feting the fraud, and the Goddard Management is grooming him.
They are all in it together.


Yo Gen Bolden!
Lady Jag here, mah man!
What’s all this?
You’re confusing the heck out of the World!
Either give Mather a Nobelworthy rank,
Or fire his butt before I blink.
Why exhibit his Gold in your Ninth Floor shop
And not give the guy even a lollypop;
What’s with keeping him in the doghouse
While around him youse guys dance and carouse?!
So, what’s goin’ on man?!

From NASA’s own actions, we know that John Mather’s appropriate rank should be NASA HQ Chief Scientist, or equivalent. But he has been sent back to, and kept confined in, his pre-Nobel rank. While this rank may be good by absolute standards, for Mather it is the doghouse. Why is he kept here? Until that issue is clarified for the public, all the feting of Mather stinks, and speaks of an organization where the head does not know what the hand is doing.

Reader, as you know, this summer John Mather was given very high historical honor: He was symbolically equated to Newton. Not that Mather needed it! For he is the greatest discoverer of all time. So it was Newton that was honored posthumously.

Earlier I reported what I read: Astronauts decide to fly various objects of interest in space. Astronaut Piers Sellers approached Mather to fly his Nobel Medal in space, along with the Newton relic.

But now new information emerges: It was an official decision by a leader of Goddard. And it was just reported in a Goddard official publication, with John Mather glorying luxuriously.

Nearly four years after the fraud was exposed, the Agency is blatantly lauding the fraud to high heaven.

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Isaac Newton, John Mather, Nicholas White, Piers Sellers, John R. Dailey
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center fetes their science fraud Nobel Laureate John Mather to high heaven. Smithsonian Air and Space Museum aids and abets. Poor Sir Isaac!


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