2010 PHYSICS NOBEL PRIZE: Should John Pendry get it?

Readers, for sometime now the bookmakers have been advancing the name of solid state physics theorist Professor Sir John Pendry FRS of the Imperial College, London, as a strong candidate for the Nobel Prize in physics. Sir John – in case you do not know – promises to revolutionize modern warfare with his discovery. He will make entire columns of advancing battle tanks invisible. I kid you not!

Will Sir John nobel this year? Who knows. I imagine by now the Nobel folks have already chosen – and, given the strength and the relentlessness of the Nobel-for-Pendry campaign, it may well be Sir John. But I will give you my two-cents’ worth anyway. Sir John should rest assured that the Nobel Prize givers would no more read my posts than they would seek out the opinion of Cosmo Kramer.

The best way to understand Pendry’s contribution – past all the hype and all the promotion of all the peddlers and all the touts – is to simply compare it with someone else’s. Let’s confine this discussion to Britain. Right in their midst the Brits have the example of a man infinitely more deserving of the Nobel Prize in the very field of physics for which Sir John would be considered. His name is Maurice Hately – and he has quite possibly advanced an idea that is game-changing for physics. However, he himself has never advanced it as such – preferring to think of his idea as an innovation in antenna technology. A most humble, unassuming man – quite an antithesis to the self-inflated and colleagues-inflated and media-inflated and Government-inflated Pendry.

Maurice Hately’s ideas have not received any attention from the physics establishment. When I see these blighters dance themselves into a trance over String Theory and Dark Matter and other assorted bs physics, and then speak in tongues (branes…twistors…), it makes me feel very sad about men like Hately. And sad for physics as well.

Hately’s own colleagues – mostly engineering types – cannot see the underlying new physics, and deride him. Hately is thus in a no-win situation. The only sage advice one can think to give him is:

Never try to teach a pig to sing – it wastes your time and it annoys the pig.

So readers, you take note of this fine thinker:

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Professor Sir John Brian Pendry FRS vs Mr. Maurice Hately
Ho-hum vs genius

DISCLOSURE: In the interest of full disclosure I will add that Hately’s radically new invention supports my radically new ideas in Electromagnetic Theory.

You can read more about this here.


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