Nearly four years after receiving the Nobel Prize, John Mather today has no visible recognition whatsoever from his own employers, NASA!
No promotions from his pre-Nobel rank, no visionary or leadership or advisory roles, no attaboys, no lollypops, no wishbones, no toys.
Them’s the facts on the ground.

This is Princeton University President Shirley Tilghman.
If the feting of the science fraud goes through, you will know that she has personally approved it.
If it does not go through, you will know that she has personally intervened.
Will she call Gen. Bolden and find out?
Or will she look the other way?
We shall see
On September Twenty.

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Stewart Prager and John Mather
Princeton University’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory – a US Government Lab – clears US Government scientist and NASA science fraud Nobel Laureate John Mather
[“Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory is a U.S. Department
of Energy national laboratory managed by Princeton University.”]
Princeton is perpetrating great and dark deception upon the World.
This is despicable!
Dreamheron says:

Remember remember
The twentieth of September.


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Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) Theme Song

My Civilization Files: Dreamheron dialogues with US President


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