John Cromwell Mather:
A signpost in evolution

I exposed the COBE Satellite science fraud on 5 April 2007. One thing is now certain: We are way past the time to expect that anything official is being done or would be done about this from any quarters that would be made public. It does not take four years to set a wrong right – especially in science!

During the period since the fraud was exposed, I have had a number of occasions for hope – seeing how John Mather’s actvities had died down. But every time he re-emerged with a new campaign, a whole new crop of speaking engagements, strategic photo-ops and support of fine upstanding pillars of the society. He has an army of cronies who are helping him out any which way they can. There is no getting away from the old German saying: Kaum ist über eine Sache Gras gewachsen, kommt ein alter Esel daher und frisst es wieder ab. (Everytime a little green grass starts to sprout over the dry meadow, there wanders in an ancient donkey and munches it all off!)

kommt ein alter Esel…
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Congressman Bill Foster (D-IL) proudly poses with NASA science fraud John Mather even as NASA keeps Mather in the doghouse.

So the greatest science fraud in history will never be acknowledged. Not only that. The fraudulent result will sit enshrined in science. John Mather’s backers are counting on the fact that they control the media, and that I do not have the ability to inform the World at large – or any significant numbers of people for that matter.

For me it is pointless to continue this campaign. All that needed to be said has been said – many times and in many ways. All that I could do all alone has been done. Now the ancient donkey has tired me out.

Also, the other day as I was discussing the matter with my friend Friedrich over dinner, he said:

Wer mit Ungeheuern kämpft, mag zusehn, dass er nicht dabei zum Ungeheuer wird.

Wer mit Ungeheuern kämpft …


So I am ready to give up.

I am the one who said we live in the Age of Fakery. But I did not heed its lesson: Not to expect honesty, decency and ethical quality from the scientific establishment in particular.

However, there remains this little matter of Mather being kept in the NASA doghouse. To me this is a strong affirmation of my campaign by two successive NASA Administrators – and by extension – their immediate bosses, two successive Presidents of these United States.

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Nobel Laureate John Mather is kept confined to his pre-Nobel job classification
The highest leadership of NASA does not recognize his Nobel Prize

So I will relent from this campaign when one of these events happens to signal that there is no further hope:

SCENARIO 1 – NASA AFFIRMS MATHER: John Mather is given an honorific position by NASA. They do not even have to create or vacate any positions for him. They can simply put out a PR saying “John Mather appointed Scientific Advisor to Charles Bolden” or something of this nature. This will take Mather out of the doghouse.

SCENARIO 2 – THE ACADEMIA AFFIRMS MATHER: Mather leaves NASA and is installed on some high academic chair.

SCENARIO 3 – GOVERNMENT/CONGRESS AFFIRMS MATHER: He gets a national medal from the White House.

SCENARIO 4 – MEDIA AFFIRMS MATHER: He is subject of something like a cover feature of TIME or Newsweek.

SCENARIO 5 – MATHER ENDS THE MATTER: Mather goes into retirement without there being any reckoning of his fraud.

SCENARIO 6 – GOD ENDS THE MATTER: My number comes up!

Reader, you ask yourself this: Given that Mather is the greatest discoverer of all time and given all this feting of him, why should one of the Scenarios 1-4 above not happen?

You catch my drift?

John Mather fraud:
How long will John Mather’s backers look away from the elephant in the parlor?


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