The following are the 2010 Thomson Reuters predictions for the Nobel Prize for Physics. After 1978 and 2006, this would be the third batch of Nobels for the Big Bang Cosmology fraud.

“For the physics prize, to be announced on Tuesday, October 5, Pendlebury points to Saul Perlmutter of the University of California Berkeley, Adam Riess of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and Brian Schmidt of Australian National University for discoveries of about how the universe is expanding and how dark energy might permeate the whole univese and affect this.

He chooses Charles Bennett of NASA and Johns Hopkins University in Maryland and Lyman Page and David Spergel of Princeton University in New Jersey, who have done work with the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe or WMAP.”

About the so-called Dark Sector (Dark Matter, Dark Energy), the following is a most authoritative comment:

About Bennett et al, see:

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The 2010 Shaw Prize in Astronomy to Charles Bennett:
The scamming intellectuals are at it again!
See the Selection Committee that made this award.
Here is the evidence of Bennett’s participation in science fraud.
See here a photo of Charles Bennett glorying with John Mather over the fraudulent COBE Satellite discovery.

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Big Bang Cosmology: The Diabolic Plan

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NASA WMAP Satellite fraud?
Charles Bennett, David Spergel, Gary Hinshaw
Tom Shanks, Utane Sawangwit
Fraud or incompetence – take your pick!

If more Nobels are given out for Big Bang Cosmology, I promise to give up on my campaign against John Mather fraud – in addition to my following promise:

John Mather fraud:
How long will John Mather’s backers look away from the elephant in the parlor?

My Civilization Files: Dreamheron dialogues with Dante


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