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Nobel Laureate John Mather is kept confined to his pre-Nobel job classification
The highest leadership of NASA does not recognize his Nobel Prize

The USA Science and Engineering Festival – hosted by Lockheed Martin – is inspiring America’s young, starting today. They have lined up a bunch of Nobel Laureates to have lunch with the kids over “PB&J”. The goal:

“The program’s goal is to capture the imagination of students with the Nobel Prize winners’ stories and inspire them with career possibilities if they major in science and/or engineering.”

Here is one Nobel Laureate who will do the inspiring:

Dr. John C. Mather, Senior Astrophysicist in the Observational Cosmology Laboratory at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2006. He remembers loving science from a very early age and the patience of his parents as he pursued it. For one science fair project, he kept eight baby rats in cages under the kitchen table and fed them different foods to evaluate what they needed in their diets. His work team analyzed data from NASA’s Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE), which studied patterns of radiation and helped to verify the Big Bang Theory of how the universe was created.”

The announcement does not say why inspirer Mather has himself been kept confined by NASA (the US Government) to his pre-Nobel job status, Senior Astrophysicist. God knows I have baited NASA in as many ways as I can to take him out of this doghouse. The slightest alteration of Mather’s job classification would have pulled the rug from under my allegation of science fraud – as far as the public is concerned. This would be the easiest way for NASA to deal with Le Problème . But NASA has NOT done that – three years and counting.

If the kids are to follow Mather, would they not be looking at a career where they would be stuck for 17 years at the same level – Nobel Prize notwithstanding? Is that the kind of career they want?

Explain this to the kids: Why is Superman kept in the outhouse?

Not so long ago a kid asked Mather if his discovery had been questioned. He responded: Yes, but by “just a few people”.

John Mather’s employers – who know best “what he done” – have kept him in a state of overt public humiliation. If Mather’s backers disagree with this action – as they clearly do, they should try to alleviate that situation, and then subject the kids to Mather. But that’s not what they are doing, are they?

So the question needs to be asked: Of all the Nobel Laureates around, why does the USA Science an Engineering Festival choose Mather to inspire America’s kids? What is their hidden agenda?

And readers, based on my observation of the last couple of years, the fellow Nobel Laureates do not mind the least bit standing shoulder to shoulder with a science fraud. I suppose all that matters to them is their fees, first class travel, opportunity to whoop it up, etc.

John Mather fraud:
How long will John Mather’s backers look away from the elephant in the parlor?


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