He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster.

– Friedrich Nietzsche

Four years ago about this time, the John Mather Nobel Prize for Physics was announced. Three and a half years ago, I laid bare his fraud. To this day there is no public acknowledgement of the fraud and no retraction of the discovery. On the contrary, the fraudulent science is today being pursued with renewed vigor and expanding government support. The universe is being systematically falsified.

The parties responsible for acknowledging the fraud publicly and retracting the discovery were primarily:

1. The physics establishment.
2. NASA.
3. The Nobel Foundation.

The first has remained silent or feted Mather. There is no indication that this situation will change in the right direction.

The second has acknowledged the fraud only indirectly, and in a way that leaves people to reach different conclusions suited to their self-intersts. It does not seem likely that NASA will do anything further.

As I gather from reading this Wikipedia article, the Nobel Prize-giving body never acknowledges error. Also, the Nobel Charter says that the Prize, once given, cannot be rescinded for any reason whatsoever. Therefore there is no hope from those quarters.

As a result, a benobeled fraud will stand enshrined as the greatest discovery in man’s history. Future generations will build upon this.

So it has been a completely wasted and draining effort for me. All my hopes of seeing some goodness in some responsible men have proven to be naïvely idealistic.

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NASA science fraud John Mather inspires kids around the World.
There is no stopping him.

Also, hearing again and again about this business of the history’s greatest fraud being invited to “inspire” children amid great fanfare makes me physically sick!

While I do not regret devoting the time I have devoted to this battle, I do recognize that it is time for me to give up. But how do I leave my case before the World?

The Internet is great communication tool, but what will happen to all my articles and posts after I am dead and gone? They will gradually disappear. Future generations will never know that any issues were raised about this discovery.

The least I should do is produce a physical book – which – with an ISBN Number, will stand documented. I am aware that no one will publish this book – but I can self-publish it. I am aware that no one may buy this book – but I will not do it for money. I am aware that even books go into oblivion – but there’s nothing I can do about that.

My problem with the idea of writing this book is that I will spend a great deal of effort to produce something that is not my original work. It is a critique. That idea is not at all appealing to me. And since my do-gooding thus far has been in vain, what is the point in doing more of it?

So I am ambivalent about this. Chances are I will move on. Anyone who is interested long-term in this matter could of course make printouts or keep electronic copies of what I have written thus far. In other words: Make your own archives.

And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

– Friedrich Nietzsche


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