Under the gaze of Abraham Lincoln, in the hallowed-by-history National Mall, the Media is re-grooming science fraud John Mather.
America's children are serving as stage props in re-grooming science fraud John Mather.
Lord help a nation that is hell-bent on destroying her moral values and sullying her most precious assets.

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The John Mather discovery

“Something evil this way comes….”

NPR to rehabilitate science fraud John Mather at the National Mall

Evil has triumphed. Science fraud John Mather is staging a big comeback. Of course his friends have been helping him all along. But now the media is on board. Also, with increasing frequency, we are seeing photos of Mather posing with children and young people. John Mather is back in business. Evil has triumphed.

John Mather is a science fraud, if for no other reason than because his own employers are saying so. Two successive NASA Administrators have kept the NASA Nobel Laureate confined to his exact pre-Nobel job classification – for three years and a half since he received the Nobel Prize.

While the slightest – even trivial – adjustment of Mather’s job classification can avoid any appearance of a punitive action, NASA Leadership do not take that step. They mean for it to be seen as a punitive action. They mean emphatically to thus broadcast a message that they are not able to spell out directly – for some reason.

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John Mather responds to science fraud allegation

However, the absence of a clear acknowledgement of the fraud is being used by Mather’s backers as the justification for grooming him.

Taking John Mather out of the NASA doghouse and presenting him as a science hero is the same as taking Bernie Madoff out of the US Big House and presenting him as a financial guru.

It seems that the very diabolic cleverness that helped Mather commit the greatest fraud in history is now helping him beat the rap. Evil has triumphed.

On October 23 in the National Mall, Washington DC, a NPR reporter will interview NASA science fraud John Mather as though he were a national science hero – as a part of the USA Science and Engineering Festival. Evil has triumphed.

Vivian Schiller, President and CEO of NPR and Larry Bock, Executive Director of USA Science and Engineering Festival.
What is the agenda?

Why are they doing this? Get a load of this: “Because dreams need doing.”

The media is choosing to make a science hero of someone whose own employer – the United States Government – clearly disagrees.

Most everything John Mather will say in that interview about his discovery will be lies. NPR will be spreading these lies thick.

This may well be the greatest weirdorama to be staged in the Mall in its history.

Elsewhere some lucky kids are having an opportunity to brownbag with this genius as a part of the “Lunch with a Nobel Laureate” program of this Festival. Evil has triumphed.


Photo: USA Science and Engineering Festival
Students of Nysmith School with NASA science fraud John Mather:
“Lunch with A Nobel Laureate”
These bright innocent kids are being unwittingly used as stage props in the John Mather Revival Festival.
Courtesy of Larry Bock.

Readers, even with with all these triumphal events, always remember – don’t ever forget:

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Safeguard your children from NASA science fraud John Mather!


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