JOHN MATHER SCIENCE FRAUD: My campaign is over!


[A NOTE ADDED ON 24 August 2011:
I was wrong! See update.

In an earlier post I promised that if I see some signs that suggest that there is no further hope for this campaign, I will stop making further posts.

On 24 August 2010 I referred the John Mather science fraud issue directly to President Obama in a letter to him. This was perhaps a wishful last-ditch effort.

The buck stopped on President Obama’s desk – and how!

Today just now I noticed that President Obama had singled out for invitation John Mather – with other prominent people – to honor them in an event at the White House State Dining Room – a very high profile public event that was held on 18 October 2010.

In his formal speech, the President started by recognizing the gathered Nobel Laureates as the pathfinders:

“We are joined by several Nobel laureates -– These are obviously the older folks who have helped to expand the frontiers of human knowledge.”

One of the “folks” was John Mather – the greatest science fraud in human history who through his special talent made the greatest discovery in human history.

The entire thrust of this event was to inspire children and young people. Only a couple of days ago I posted this message for children vis-a-vis John Mather (for the non-Americans, this is paraphrased from a famous verse):

If it is a Nobel Laureate the White House wanted to invite to their Science Fair, they had a field of perhaps several dozens to choose from. They chose the exact one who is a Nobel Laureate Science Fraud.

John Mather was chosen to be an inspiration at this event by key people with special knowledge of him. This event was attended by a number of people who are fully aware of the allegation of fraud against John Mather: Most notably, NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver. I had even mentioned her specifically in my letter to President Obama as one who might have been rebuilding Mather’s image.

Also present there and aware of the allegation was John Holdren, science advisor to President Obama.

It was the place of Garver and Holdren to not bring John Mather to be honored by President Obama, just as their counterparts in Economics would not bring Bernie Madoff to be honored thus. But Garver and Holdren made a decision to include Mather.

So let the World know: The President of the United States has received in the White House, and honored, the greatest science fraud in the history of mankind. Additionally, the science fraud was brought to the White House to serve as an inspiration icon for America’s young.

Whether or not my letter to President Obama received any attention, I must take this as his response to my letter. From my perspective, no response can be clearer, no snub more pointed.

If there is any misunderstanding here, if President Obama has been put in a position he should not have been, then the White House can certainly correct that by firing those who are sullying the Presidency: John Holdren and Lori Garver.

Mr. President, any assurances you are receiving about John Mather’s discovery are false.

Just one more teensy-weensy thing needs to happen before Mather can consider himself home free: He needs to be taken out of the doghouse NASA Leadership keeps him in.

Reader, do you notice the stark irony? The very Government that keeps John Mather tied down in the doghouse takes him out for a stroll to go inspire some kids in the White House! Then he goes right back to the doghouse! How do you make any sense of this at all?

NASA Doghouse Nobel Laureate
→ White House Inspirer to children
→ NASA Doghouse Nobel Laureate

How do explain this to the kids being inspired? What the kids don’t know won’t hurt them, is that the idea?

On that note, my campaign – now three and a half years old – is over.

Everything I have said thus far will stand. But there is nothing more I can do.

Nothing more left to be said, really. I will, however, think seriously about writing a book.

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President Obama rejects John Mather science fraud allegation

So, Mr. President, consider this:

NASA Administrator Maj. Gen. Charles Bolden and Deputy Administrator Lori Garver

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The truth about John Mather

John Mather: Facts on the ground


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