Does the Honorable US Defense Secretary Robert Gates – a fine American who is about to cap off a career of brilliant service – want to share the stage with the greatest science fraud in history?

Does Peace Nobelist Shirin Ebadi – a symbol of moral and intellectual courage – want to do the same?


“These revelations were for me a shock and a great sadness. It is difficult to understand how this perversion of the priestly ministry was possible,” – Pope Benedict XVI in 2010

Well, here’s some more revelation below! A different subject altogether, but cover up is cover up is cover up. Why knowingly and forcefully engage in this perversion of the universe?!

Your Holiness, for quite a while now you have been dealing aggressively in science. (Remember His Eminence Giovanni Cardinal Lajolo’s endorsement of Edward Witten’s Cirque du Soleil physics?) Therefore you are answerable in science. I now want to hear some answer that goes beyond this kind:

Captain Renault: I’m shocked, shocked to find that …


Readers, I have said earlier that my campaign against John Mather is over. It is. The following is not a campaign against him.

An organization cannot distance itself from what its members do – especially when such doings are known to and endorsed by the leaders, especially when these go on for years, and especially when questions about their conduct have been raised for years. Therefore the Catholic Church is in evidence as pursuing a consistent systemwide policy of protecting a fraudulent scientific discovery that sits well with ideas of the Church.

There are at least four major avenues through which the Catholic Church can express/exert itself in matters of science:

The Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
The Catholic University of Notre Dame, USA
The Pontifical Academy of Science, The Vatican
The Rimini Meetings, Italy

Big Bang Cosmology was conceived in Leuven. The then Pope immediately proceeded to praise it. The Church, it seems, has since adopted Big Bang Cosmology as God’s own work.

In 2004, emboldened perhaps by the Smoot-Mather ‘discovery’, the Catholic Church published its official position: ” … the universe erupted 15 billion years ago in an explosion called the ‘Big Bang’ and has been expanding and cooling ever since. …”

After the Smoot-Mather Nobeling, the other three organizations above are especially in evidence as plugging it proudly and loudly – the self-evident science fraud notwithstanding. Il Papa Benedict XVI personally met with and greeted George Smoot.

So now it is necessary to safeguard this bogus conception of the heavens. Galileo all over again – in reverse!

Colors of the Vatican

The University of Notre Dame has just conferred on John Mather the honorary degree of Doctor of Science. On May 22, Mather will stand on a very public stage along with his fellow honorees: US Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Iranian Peace Nobelist Shirin Ebadi, and so on.

What public endorsement could be more emphatic and more high profile and more worldwide? John Mather the greatest science fraud in history will be flanked by the symbols of the mightiest military power and the highest intellectual courage.

Actually, what Notre Dame did was very clever. Every year universities produce crops of honorary doctorates. They come out the wazoo. This is hardly news. Who cares? But Notre Dame gave a doctorate this year to a very famous sports figure who is currently with ESPN. So ESPN started rolling the news ball and in no time the news went viral. Mather et al were mentioned in the context of that sports figure.

In composing the citation for John Mather, Notre Dame engaged in crafty language-smithing to avoid mentioning his actual official Nobel discovery which was fraudulent. Lying in the name of God?! Lordy Lordy!

The Catholic Church – on the recommendation of their ‘inhouse’ scientists no doubt – has thus taken a firm and unequivocal public position before the World on John Mather science fraud. They have much at stake here.

I have the exact opposite position. I do not have anything at stake here. And I do not have a history of cover up either.

Whom do you believe?

This is an important question – it concerns nothing less than the plight of the human civilization. It concerns a falsification of your universe.

Do you want the highest scientific authority in evidence to explain to you about your home the universe, or do you want Il Papa to dictate to you?

Your universe, your choice.

Of course, as always, I allow for the possibility that an unwitting Pope has been maneuvered into this position. In that case all that is necessary for His Holiness to do is to fire some butts. Especially scientific butts.

Dishonest scientists are doing dishonest things. The only question is: Are they doing it because the Church is asking them to do it, or are they doing it because they think the Church wants them to do it?

ABOUT THE HONOREE JOHN MATHER: Four years on since he received his Nobel Prize, he does not today have anything from his employer, NASA, by way of official recognition. He is kept confined to his pre-Nobel job rank. That is a fact in public evidence. This situation has persisted under three NASA Adminstrations. Just like the University of Notre Dame, many others have feted Mather, and tried to boost him in the public eye. It has not worked – not with the NASA Leadership.

But it seems that Notre Dame now has a new tack. One might find it curious that among the thirteen honorary doctorates from Notre Dame this year, two are NASA people: John Mather and the former NASA Administrator Michael Griffin. It is public knowledge that Griffin presided over John Mather’s return from the exalted position of NASA HQ Chief Scientist to his pre-Nobel job rank to which he has been confined ever since. Now by presenting the two men together on a public stage, that memory would be erased from the public mind.

Here is another thing: When a NASA employee receives high honor from the outside, some proud announcement is usually put out in a site. As of this date, I have not been able to find any such thing about the Notre Dame award. Nor is there anything in the “People news” section of Michael Griffin’s university (Univ of Alabama Huntsville).

Dare I think that goodness in the World is finally raising her strong head!

As I have said before, the issue of science fraud was referred to President Obama. I have now understood what the great man’s response is.

Reader, there is something very ugly the Catholic Church in its benevolence does not want you to see. This vile thing goes by various names. I call this infernal thing the scientific truth. You want to have a quick look at my peepshow? Make sure no one is watching. Close the door. Then click on the following to enlarge:

University of Notre Dame confers on John Mather honorary doctorate


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