Today, 5 April 2011, is exactly four years since I exposed the NASA Big Bang Cosmology COBE Satellite fraud. What do I have to show for four years of my life trying to right a gigantic wrong perpetrated upon the World by a cabal of the highest intellectuals evolution has produced – a wrong which only I could expose?

John Mather is still being feted loudly. The Catholic Church has just placed him on a high historical pedestal (previous post). The Space Telescope Science Institute (funded by NASA) is bragging that it will put him on a high visibility platform on 6 June 2011. Georgetown University, University of British Columbia, Cornell University and Stanford University just recently feted him most publicly. There is absolutely no public statement from any official quarters to indicate that they even acknowledge the existence of my allegation.

Since the Nobel people do not say anything, the Nobel Prize is being used as the overriding scientific authority to continue celebrating this fraudulent discovery. Naturally, the World accepts this.

The media maintains complete complicit silence. TIME Magazine’s “Most influential person of the year” is being cited as the overriding public authority to continue celebrating this fraudulent discovery. Naturally, the World accepts this.

Since Stephen Hawking does not say anything, his famous bombast and bogus scientific authority are being used as further support.

There is nothing in public evidence I can point to as my having gained any grounds at all – as good Americans rising to do right by America. Privately, however, I am most grateful for my email inbox.

It is entirely my guesswork that the following has happened:

– As a direct result of my allegation, the US has emphatically confined John Cromwell Mather to his pre-Nobel job rank for the past three years and continuing.

– My letter to President Obama has received very serious attention.

I do not know how much longer the vast arrayed armies of untruth will maintain their battle formation. But as far as I am concerned, I have prevailed.

Was there ever any other human being who singlehandedly saved the civilization from being hijacked in this way by the gown and the cowl and the toga and the robe? I think I will toast myself with a fine little glass of Two-buck Chuck.

A NOTE ADDED ON 18 April 2011:

After making the above post, I learned that there was indeed phenomenal public acknowledgement of the COBE Satellite fraud! I did not know this because I do not much watch the PBS science programs, and because no one in the media discussed this momentous event – the high profile public expunging of the COBE Satellite from the History of Cosmology! I would say that this crowns the long Cosnspiracy of Silence in the media.

A PBS program released a year ago called Hunting the Edge of Space (Episode 2) covers the history of Cosmology from Hubble to present day. Starting from Hubble it comes right up to Arno Penzias and then jumps to the WMAP Satellite – a minor follow-up of the Grand Daddy the COBE Satellite, the one and the only experiment that clinched Big Bang Cosmology.

The entire history of COBE Satellite and the great heroes Smoot and Mather and the great 2006 Nobel Prize have been skipped over. Remember that according to the Nobel Committee this was what ushered in the age of cosmology as precision measurement science; according to Stephen Hawking this is what was the greatest discovery of the last century, if not all times; and according to the Vatican, this established the official history of the universe in the Catholic Church.

I am not knocking this PBS program. I am praising it. The people who decided to do this expunging have the stones.

A NOTE ADDED ON 3 August 2011:

A link to this blog post was sent through their web mail to the NASA Advosory Council.


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