After a multi-year struggle to bring the NASA COBE Satellite fraud to public account, I had finally referred the matter to President Obama. I never received a response. This matter concerns a public referral to a public office. Therefore, as a citizen, I have every right to engage in my own speculation – based on visible facts – as to what transpired.

If I receive any variances to the following scenario I have deduced (email me), I will promptly post it at the end of this narrative. If not, then this scenario will pass into my Big Bang Fraud Book.

In January of 2009 Presient Obama made the inaugural promise to “restore science to its rightful place.” It seems to me now that in response to my letter, he did nothing less. It seems to me that his office is eminently deserving of the nation’s highest trust.

My letter concerned a matter of science. It is thus most likely to have gone to the White House science section. My initial thinking was that it would have gone to the White House Science Advisor John Holdren – for possible forwarding to the Office of the President. I did not know that the White House has a Chief of Staff for Science. It now seems to me that that is where my letter most logically went.

The Chief of Staff for science is James Kohlenberger. This is what I have learned about him since: The man has little qualification in science. But he has the backing of Al Gore. That may be how he came to power in the Obama White House. Kohlneberger is deeply involved with NASA, and has dealings with NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver (example).

My letter not only dinged NASA, but also specifically the Deputy Administrator.

Following my letter of 24 August 2010, on 18 October 2010 the principal in the COBE Satellite fraud – Nobel Laureate John Mather of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center – was feted in a White House science event. I saw a connection between the two, and took it to be a public snub. And also a resounding affirmation of John Mather by the highest office in the land – after an allegation was brought to its attention.

If good sense and good judgment were the rule in President Obama’s office, there was no way this would have happened with the knowledge of that office. The only other alternative was that the letter was intercepted and deep sixed.

I made a big stink in my various Internet sites. What is this?! I bring an allegation to the President about a cover-up and feting of science fraud by some of the most powerful people and groups of people in the nation, and the President takes right over and continues with the very same cover-up and feting in the very same manner! What is this?!

It seems to me that this stink reached an appropriate person in the White House who was unaware that this was going on in the name of the President. In February of 2011, a very high level change took place in the White House, very quietly. The media seems to have remained surprisingly silent about this – as if they did not want to touch this one. Only a small bolg site carried a small blurb. A few other blog sites then carried it.

In February of 2011 the high-flying James Kohlenberger, a person of little science qualification cozily installed in the dizzying height of power as the White House Chief of Staff for Science – without having lined up other gainful employment and without his White House successor named – abruptly took a walk.


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    […] President Obama has indirectly but pointedly rejected my referral of the John Mather science fraud allegation to him. Either that, or an unaware President has been maneuvered into this position. My guess is the latter. However it was, the White House is now standing firmly on the wrong side of science. [A NOTE ADDED ON 23 May 2011: I was wronng! See update.] […]

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