BIG BANG FRAUD BOOK: Proposed covers

At last, the Great American Epic:

(Mahā- America = America the Magnificent)
Grander, truer, more profound than all good-vs-evil epics past
The scope of Mahābhārata was India; the scope of Odyssey was Greece; the scope of Mahāmerica is the Universe
Mahābhārata was an 18-day war; Mahāmerica was a 4-year war
Odyssey involved 1000 Greek ships; Mahāmerica involved multiple American spacecraft
In Mahābhārata Lord Krishna became Arjuna’s charioteer;
in Mahāmerica the Goddess of Truth became the hero’s charioteer!
In Mahābhārata, Arjuna’s Guru was the great Dronacharya;
in Mahāmerica, the hero’s Guru was one of the greatest scientists
In Odyssey, Ithaca was a place of the good;
in Mahāmerica, Ithaca is a place where they worship fraud
The parallels/anti-parallels are endless….


QUESTION: Why does the hero of the epic write the epic himself?
ANSWER: Because those who would normally write it are all Los Hombres Malos.


I am posting here rough ideas for the covers of my Big Bang Fraud Book for a period of comments by those depicted.

I never get any response to my emails from public officials. No matter. I will try another tack. If anyone objects to being on the following covers for whatever reason, they (or their representatives) can simply say so (email), and I will remove their picture.

If you, reader, are a person with access to the people pictured, kindly help me and them by bringing this to their attention.

I expect to take another couple of months to wrap this thing up. Currently I am tied up with completing my story book – which of course has priority.

The following will be a very modest self-publishing effort, and not any kind of commercial venture.

(Click to expand)
MAHAMERICA: The Great American Epic

Big Bang Cosmology Satellite Fraud and the deceiving of humankind.
No epic ever had greater scope or significance or importance.
All epics past – whether fictional or not – started with petty squabbles (some guy making off with another guy’s wife; power grab; palace intrigue; etc)
The noble mantle was hung later on such epics.
Mahamerica is the only epic fought from the beginning over the noblest of causes:
Triumph of Truth over Untruth.
It was fought on the battlefield of the highest and most rarified intellectual plane.
This great deception of the world was an American job.
Its vanquishment was also an American job.
Think about it!
Barring any objections from my co-warriors pictured, this will be the cover.

(Reader, if you think I am exaggerating the importance of what I have done, all you have to do is to look at the bombast that was used to promote that which I demolished. Mind of God, face of God, perhaps some other body parts of God, the Vatican, intimations of immortality – the works! And some Swedish meatballs to go with that as well. Man I have not even come anywhere close to exaggerating.

And do not forget how many billions of your money they took. Me, not one red cent of your money!

And who have been aiding and abetting? The media, the United States Congress, people inside NASA,…


This is a very real danger the world faces today – way past any danger in fictional epics. From time to time some goddamn professor comes up with some goddamn idea from out of his navel about the firmament, and immediately he wants to fly a multibillion dollar satellite! And with the help of the cabal he gets the money – your money! And then he enters great falsehoods to the human lore. Do you know of any greater danger to the civilization?

I am saving the world’s butt from this cabal of scamming intellectuals – that which only I can do.)


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