After four years of my labors – given freely to the cause of the nation – I have now presented the gist of the scientific case showing that for a period now approaching half a century, the Big Bang Cosmologists have been shamming, scamming and defrauding the world. God knows how many tens of billions of US taxpayer dollars have been invested into this deal.

And now the sons and the daughters of Frankenstein (Dark Matter, Dark Energy scientists) are at it. With the help of the sons and the daughters of Igor (NSF, the National Academy of Sciences), they want now to fly from the rooftop showy, multibillion-dollar kites, otherwise known as NASA satellites. They want to catch some electricity from the sky and revive that cadaver in the basement – guarded by Frau Blucher (the media.)

The current lavish taxpayer funding of Big Bang Cosmology is the result of an aggressive escalation in this funding over the years and decades – based on demonstrated “success.” These successes were well-orchestrated scams that nobody could see through. Until I chose to take a look.

All taxpayer-funding for these people should now cease – just as the taxpayer bailout of scamming Wall Street firms should cease.

The Big Bang Cosmologists have a phenomenal power base – they hobnob with Hollywood and the media and all kinds of glitterati on HDTV. They have backers in the United States Congress. They have showy festivals each year. They summer in Rimini and Tenerife. The phenomenally wealthy Vatican has their six. Stuffed-suit leaders of richly-endowed universities stand with them emphatically and defiantly. So let this cabal of scamming intellectuals find their funds from those types of sources. Why not? Why do they come to the lowly US taxpayers when they need dough?

Just this summer, Smoot and Mather and a host of others in the Dark Sector will summer luxuriously in Gay Paree. Grown men – who shave and everything – will get together and discuss in all seriousness what Nobel physicist Martinus Veltman has described aptly as “Total Bull****.” So you can see that there is no stopping these people.

Have you checked out lately the brisk business going on around hot-selling Big Bang books from bigtime publishing houses, and then the DVDs etc being peddled on the PBS? These are direct products of your generosity. But who are lining their personal pockets? Not you.

The latest phase of the scam is to execute a very strategic Silicon Valley-style synergistic Merger & Acquisition: team up with Edward Witten’s gang and come up with new ways to rip you off. Marry the highly profitable Big Bang Cosmology to the highly visible String Theory – and corner the market on popular science merchandise. Witten will move the Genesis farther back in time, even before the explosion of the Primitive Atom. This is the precosmic Witten Era era when Witten Branes butted one another in the butt, and such a butt-butting produced the primitive explosion that produced our universe.

May be the next new thing we will hear is Dark Miasma – stringy dark emanations from God’s navel. The new, revised composition of the universe: 73% Dark Miasma, 21% Dark Energy, 5% Dark Matter and 1% familiar stuff. They always bring the total up to 100.00% so that no one could add a few percent of high grade Himalayan charas to this composition.

Now of course they will need the $10 billion Dark Astral Miasma Navigator Satellite (the NASA DAMN Satellite) ….It will peer right past the Genesis, back in time into the soul of God. Oh how their linguistic bomast will burn up the air waves once again! Once again they will rise to newer, uncharted heights.

The Vatican has already given separate official endorsements to Big Bang Cosmology and String Theory. Now they will issue a Papal Bull on String Bang Theory. Do not forget that one out of six of our fellow world citizens follows the Vatican. So do not underestimate the dark import of what is going on – all humor aside.

Do not underestimate the scammers who can wangle the Nobel Prize out of the Swedes – and not just once.

And what other “productless” scientific pursuit has been merchandised and commercialized as aggressively as Big Bang Cosmology and String Theory?

Why should you shell out all that hard-earned money and then some AMT to boot, to fund the lifestyle of these fancy schmansy intellectual scammers – the rich and the devious? Do you really want to subsidize their champagne wishes and caviar dreams – couched in pseudoscientific terms though these are? People who have systematically scammed you out of your money are still whooping it up – with more of your money. And they want even more.

Why are so many intelligent and able grown men so averse to doing useful work for the society and so drawn to intellectual autostimulation? You know what I am saying?

I can see no purpose to this weirdorama in the name of science – this “experimenting” with one composition after another, one origin after another, one dark potion after another …. The net change in the universe as a result of all this is the movement of funds.

Take my free advice – it is worth at least as many tens of billions of today’s dollars as has been sunk on these hombres malos!

Folks, a scam is a scam is a scam. The boiler room artists use the Telephone Company, the Big Bang Cosmologists use NASA. The objective is always to separate you from your money – how they do it differs.

As to my own whooping it up, I can buy my own Two-buck Chuck, thank you. I may not be able to afford Gay Paree, but I can go to a town park and have a nice picnic. I don’t need anyone to subsidize my lifestyle. You the taxpayer are perfectly safe from me. And I will protect you – for free – from this new scourge of the new millennium: The scamming intellectuals.

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