There is an Egyptian proverb:

He who drinks Nile water will return.

And there is a proverb I just coined:

He who milks the Universe will return.

QUESTION: Shall Scamsat B become Scamsat II?

Folks, I am sure you’ve heard of Sarsat, Seasat, Intelsat I, Landsat IV … But I bet you had never heard of the Scamsat. (As far as I remember, satellites have a letter designation before they achieve orbit when they have a Roman numeral designation. For example, Landsat IV was Landsat D before it was launched.)

COBE Space Telescope = Scamsat I
Mission: Big Bang Scam – Stage I
Scientific Leader: John Cromwell Mather

James Webb Space Telescope = Scamsat B
Mission: Big Bang Scam – Stage II
Scientific Leader: John Cromwell Mather

Everyone – including those seeking to shut down the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Program – will agree that this is a very sad step. These are very hard economic times, but the special reason the US Congress wants to put the Webb Telescope on the chopping block is that it is grossly overbudget, and has been under gross mismanagement at NASA. The inflamed rhetoric of power play between those who want to shut it down and those who want to save it (The American Astronomical Society, for example) has already begun.


I do not wish to contribute to this debate. However, I point out that this should not be a debate between scientific soaring and economic strapping – as it is being posited. Everyone engaged in this debate is carefully avoiding the most crucial issue in this debate. Everyone has a reason to avoid this issue. So they are all debating secondary and tertiary points – on and on. By doing this, these people’s self-interests are being well served.

In the process, it is the lowly US taxpayer that is being disserved. No one is watching out for this insignificant person. Only I am. [I mean of course the principle of it. The fact that relatively small amount of money is involved here compared to other arenas is not an OUT.]

In the process science – the very motherhood objective cited by the proponents of the JWST – is the very thing that is being disserved. No one is watching out for it. Only I am.

I see a very useful purpose in shutting down the Program. It will serve as a much-needed Democracy’s equivalent of the communist-style Reeducation Camp for the errant, fat-cat intellectuals who have become the society’s liability.


The excesses of the American intellectuals in the fields of Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology have now exceeded all tolerable limits. The communists would surely have sent them to a real Reeducation Camp where they would sleep in a hard wooden bed and pee into a stainless steel receptacle on the wall right next to the bed. But I am not very fond of the communists, and so I would like to see a democratic equivalent of this Camp. Shutting down the Webb Telescope would serve this purpose very well – and the moneys that have already been spent on this project will have been put to greater good after all.

This cabal of scamming intellectuals – to this day – has not fessed up to what they did with the last important Space Telescope for which they were given generous taxpayer funding: The COBE Space Telescope. There too, budgetary problems arose, and there too, they cajoled the Government into continuing the funding with lofty rhetoric about the aspirations of humankind. Then they shammed and scammed and defrauded the world with that expensive space telescope, and when I called them out, they hid behind their noble mantles and the protection of the media.

And these very blighters are now chastizing the Congress for wanting to be responsible with the taxpayers’ money.

Indeed, just today I looked up the JWST website and found this statement:

“Webb will find the first galaxies that formed in the early Universe, connecting the Big Bang to our own Milky Way Galaxy.”

There is no question today that all the experimental evidence behind Big Bang is scam. This has been in scientific evidence for some four years now. But these blighters are forging ahead to build upon a sham discovery, never accepting any responsibility for their actions, much less the blame.


The American Astronomical Society is a fine one to talk! Shut their trap is what they should do.

It is their flagship publication Astrophysical Journal that published most of the bogus Big Bang verification papers – including the 1965 Penzias-Wilson-Dicke-Peebles scam!

The Big Bang Cosmology satellites (COBE, WMAP, JWST, WFIRST…) today are a very cleverly constructed intellectual device for ripping off the taxpayers without individual responsibility. Personal monetary profit without personal accountability. In essence, the blighters have found the scientific research’s equivalent of a limited liability corporation. Otherwise how does one explain that after a half a century of rampant scamming, not a single admission has been made, not a single person has been held accountable?

There is no question: They have learned to bilk the Universe.

Science has been corrupted, the universe has been falsified, the civilization has been subverted. And those who have done this are now seeking your help in expanding this very activity.

How many times do you want to give your money to known scammers for exactly the same project on which they scammed you in the past? And never accepted blame! Would you do this when you get an email from a retired Nigerian Army General?

And as if all this is not enough, John Mather, their chief fraud, is today at the scientific helm of the JWST. Talk of Bernie Maddoff guarding the US Treasury!

And very recently, the American Astronomical Society chose to fete Mather in their big meeting on the West Coast. And their parent organization, the American Institute of Physics, has been very aggressively feting Mather through instituting the Mather Congressional Policy Intern program. They go out of their way to plug Mather every chance they get. This should tell you how recklessly irresponsible and unaccountable these people have become.


In behalf of all the scammed, hapless American taxpayers, this cabal should be taught a lesson of historical proportion that the whole world can understand. Had it been any other field than the academia, the Justice Department would have seen to this. But the academics have given themselves many special dispensations and indulgences.

What we have here is a communication problem. We must give them a chance to set their minds right. Shutting down the JWST Program is a very timely opportunity that has presented itself.

Not shutting it down – by all indications – will lead to more scamming, more whooping it up, more popular science merchandise (books, dvds) on the market, more fattening of the already fat cats. They will be laughing at you all the way to that branch of Wells Fargo where they have their family accounts.

It is not the quality of the Webb Telescope that is at issue here. Quality may be fine – given that international scientists are involved. It is what they will do with the satellite. Scammers who have not accepted responsibility have done so for one reason and one reason only – They will scam again.

So what does it matter to launch a very finely engineered instrument that is capable of great things but that will used to scam the world instead? What is in plain evidence now is that scientific exploration has nothing to do with anything here.

Indeed, all that superfancy hightech stuff on the COBE Satellite might as well have been a load of ham sandwiches. The result would be exactly the same.

And when all is said and done, you the taxpayers will be sucking your thumb – just to allay hunger.


There is absolutely no justification in science or in human aspiration for the citizenry to support intellectual scams disguised as noble exploration. Folks, please understand this well: Whenever they are saying how great the Webb Telescope is for humankind and why its unchecked budget should continue with new infusions of billions of dollars whenever they need them, all they are saying is: Please do not shut down our Scamsat B. Let us produce a new crop of popular science merchandise – we already have big publishing houses lined up. Let Scamsat B go on to become Scamsat II. Let a few more of our brethren nobel before the Swedes wise up to that which we are doing to them. We need more American superheroes like John Mather.

Truly, folks, given the COBE Space Telescope scam, given the adamantly unrepentant scammers, given the universe they have falsified, what is the difference between committing another six billion dollars to JWST and sending the same amount to the retired Nigerian General?


All these mighty organizations that are issuing to the media Press Releases containing fervent “position statements” on why the JWST must be saved, what do they have to say about the scamming with the JWST predecessor? They look the other way! Are these organizations going to analyze the JWST data themselves instead? No! And when the next great scam takes place, do all these organizations have the collective brainpower to see through it? No!

From the above link you can see how a large collection of strongly postive views are being pitched to the public using most powerful platforms. The public does not have Clue One as to what I have said above. They do not have that information which they should have first and foremost. They are being led to the slaughterhouse – a silence of the lambs is what I hear.

What these organizations are doing is yapping without accepting respnsibility. Anyone can do that. But worse than that, these organizations are putting their public credibility behind the scammers. Not anyone can do that. The United States Congress should give these position statement releases as much importance as a roll of used TP.


Shutting the JWST Program down today will put these blighters out of business. Good riddance of sublime evil. Then, in time, a new crop of fine and conscientious young scientists will arise in America. They will then be given taxpayer money to do what they see fit to do – and what the heck – even pampered silly.

It will be a great revival of America.

Meanwhile, the best way forward is to give the JWST unconditionally over to the Europeans – lock, stock and barrel. Let them physically take it away from NASA.


Dear American Astronomical Society:

According to your own representations, the JWST Program builds upon the gains of the COBE Satellite Program.

In order for us to better evaluate your request to continue funding the JWST under the present economic difficulties, please provide us with a signed letter – under penalty of perjury – stating that the discoveries of the COBE Satellite are still valid.


US Congress


A NOTE ADDED ON 7/20/11:

I have today sent the following message to Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Washington DC Office through the web mail form:

With regard to the shutting down/continued funding of the James Webb Space Telescope, I believe that the most crucial information is not being taken into account. This aspect has to be brought into the overall issue.

I have discussed this matter partially in my blog site. In addition, the matter is known to the NASA Leadership and to the White House.


A NOTE ADDED ON 8/03/11:

A link to this blog post was sent to the NASA Advisory Council through their official web mail.

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