Reader, first of all, I am not going to stand for powerful establishment organizations trying to drown out the allegation of science fraud with the COBE Satellite by giving John Mather high profile awards and accolades. Every time this happens, I will inform the world through this lone small voice of mine on the Internet. So, all that these people will be accomplishing is sullying the roster of long-traditioned awards and honors.

Un prix français pour la fraude de la science

The 2011 Chalonge Medal was awarded for science fraud

The award was made by the Observatory of Paris
I have no information on what they were smoking

NASA science fraud John Mather has just been awarded the “prestigious” Daniel Chalonge Medal by France. The award citation praises Mather for his enormous contribution with the COBE Satellite. A few years ago Mather’s co-discoverer George Smoot got this very same award. Smoot’s measurements were faulty.

The language of the award citation is interesting. If you read between the lines, it is as though they are answering unnamed detractors. And they have a strong message for NASA – Keep John Mather at the helm of James Webb Space Telescope:

“The Chalonge Medal represents too a warm aknowledgement and support to Dr. John Mather present and future activities in the JWST.”

Vérité et mensonges

As you read the citation, remember that NASA’s Leadership has kept Mather confined to his pre-Nobel job classification. NASA has not given him any official recognition for his accomplishment with the said COBE Satellite. He is at the same job classification where he has been for some fifteen years.

So this is very interesting: A total and complete polarization of the views on what Mather has done.

On one hand, the entire World scientific establishment – aided by the Vatican – which in recent times has become increasingly aggressive in keeping Mather in glory. On the other hand the NASA Top Leadership and myself.

On on one hand, all this feting of Mather by the pillars of the World intellectualdom. On the other hand, the PBS program HUNTING THE EDGE OF SPACE (Episode 2) surgically expunging Smoot and Mather from the history of science. There has been not a peep out of the scientific establishment on this highly public erasing of their great heroes. Some members of the establishment actually participated in this program.

On one hand, this dancing with Mather on the shoulder. On the other hand, these academics do not offer Mather a high Chair in their own institutes and rescue Mather from his extremely humiliating job situation in NASA. It’s like: Come to dinner, but stay away from my daughter!

On one hand the American Institute of Physics is taking Mather to the Halls of the US Congress to hobnob with the powerful lawmakers who are hosting the Mather Policy Interns. On the other hand, Mather seems to have difficulty in makinge his John Mather Nobel Scholar Awards to NASA Interns. My guess is that he has been told by NASA not to mess with students in their care.

Un silence du cimetière

On one hand this great bombast from the Medal givers. On the other hand a complete silence on the part of NASA on their man getting such an international honor. What does that tell you? (It is standard practice in NASA to put out proud announcements when their people get outside recognition.)

Nor has the University of Maryland’s Department of Physics, where Mather was recently elevated from Adjunct Professor to “College Park Professor”, has said anything in their faculty recognition pages. And in fact, the response in the media to this award seems to be the silence of the graveyard. As it should be!

On one hand, a great bacchanalia around the shrine of Untruth reminiscent of that biblical orgy. On the other hand, the quiet power of the Goddess of Truth.

Who will prevail?

Who do you want to see prevail?

This gets more and more interesting!

And to think I had such high regard for European science! Well, you just live and learn.

Nous ne parlons pas de ceci l’en public!

Here is something most curious. Mather’s two recent accolades – the much-vaunted College Park Professorship from the University of Maryland and the most prestigious Daniel Chalongs Medal – were entered in his Wikipedia entry. But for some reason, these high accolades were removed by an anonymous user:

So it seems that someone wants to hide these high profile honors of Mather from public view. Who and why?

Isn’t this a slap on the face of the award-givers?

La réalité

The COBE Satellite was a piece of space junk even as it was launched. When his own scientific studies indicated the satellite was a No Go, Mather launched it anyway. Some 400 million of 1980s US taxpayer dollars went up in smoke right there, right then.

The Chalonge Award citation “He showed that the cosmic microwave background radiation has a blackbody spectrum within 50 ppm” has no basis whatsoever in science. It is in fact a lie. Not just a French lie, but a universal lie.

Prior to launch, Mather was to demonstrate on ground that his instrument functioned properly over the aforementioned entire spectrum. In particular, he was to show that the instrument was frequency-independent over the entire spectrum. So his testing needed to provide saturation coverage of the spectrum, with densely packed measurement points.

He took his instrument for testing to the antenna range. He found that his instrument interface and the range interface did not match. Never you mind, he told his colleagues. He slappedd the two dissimilar interfaces together, probably with duct tape. Then he tested a couple of frequencies at one end of the spectrum. The instrument failed there – it showed great frequency dependence even between these two points. Mather did not do any more testing. He said: Great success! Let’s go to lunch.

The remainder of the spectrum – almost the entirety of it – remained completely untested and uncharacterized. The perforemance of the instrument over the spectrum remained an unknown territory.

Then he launched the satellite atop a Delta Rocket from the Vandenberg Air Force Base. He in effect executed humankind’s most ambitious Hail Mary pass.

Once in orbit, the satellite itself demonstrated beyond any question that it was making crappy measurements. The data acquired was garbage.

Mather understood absolutely nothing about the antenna he was using, and engaged in rampant charlatanism. He plugged his trumpet-shaped antenna with a blackbody cap and said: This cap overlays the entire antenna pattern. This is the entire source of my 50 ppm accuracy.

If all this is not bizarre enough for you, check out the Great John Mather NASA Switcheroo! Did this incredible deception actually happen? NASA is not telling. After you have seen the above link, you can see the high resolution photo of Mather’s antenna here.

These are the God’s honest and clear truth in plain, documented evidence. The mauvais hommes who are feting Mather today are as dishonest as they come.

Two of the seven Chalonge awards to date are for bogus discoveries – spectacularly so. How will this medal’s Hall of Fame look when the merd hits the brasseur d’air?

This very French award is a damn shame brought by these cunning, cronyist scientific imbeciles upon a very fine nation I admire greatly. Why did they have to do it to their own nation?!


1. What do you think the chances are that the scientific establishment will be able to cover up the greatest perversion of science by loudly feting Mather? They have succeeded for four years, but how will all this end?

2. How do you rationalize the fact that while the scientists are screwing science over, the two successive NASA leaders – a technocrat and a soldier – are the only two people who sought to do right by science?


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