Frederick Dylla, the man paid to lead the American Institute of Physics (AIP) – an umbrella organization for all professional societies connected to physics – has been enegetically promoting John Mather in the face of clear allegation of science fraud. In doing this, he is acting in the name of all the members of all the participating organizations. It is not known if he received explicit support from the Governing Body, or if he is acting on his own.

The AIP has a long-established process through which, each summer, they can place interns in the US Congress. Using this convenient avenue, Dylla set up the AIP Mather Policy Intern Program last year. He was then able to work things so photos of Mather with Rep. Bill Foster in the hallowed Halls of Congress could be published through the AIP.

This situation became a little clearer this year. It seems that Dylla places interns in the Congress, and then gets the eager-beaver young interns – who are naturally well-liked in their work environment – to arrange a meeting of Mather with the lawmakers. Witness this statement from a very personable young man from Virginia who was this year’s Mather Policy Intern:

“… having the chance to meet with the Representatives (Eddie Bernice Johnson and Rush Holt) and facilitate their meeting with Dr. Mather made the whole day very worth it.

Why the heck should interns facilitate meetings of John Mather with the powerful lawmakers? What part of the policy internship training is this? Frederick Dylla has added a whole new dimension to Washington lobbying tactics. And it is clear that benevolent gifts from John Mather come with strings attached.

Dylla has additionally published posed photos of Mather with the AIP interns – not just the Mather interns. His excessive focus on feting Mather using the AIP platform is in plain evidence.

The idea seems to be to put Mather on a higly visible platform with a combination of daunting peerage and innocent young so that no one would dare dislodge him from there.

The American Physical Society (APS) is the most prominent component of the AIP. It seems that the APS got the above intern and the other Mather intern – a young lady from California – to write a piece about their “benefactor.” I have no doubt that this poignant piece expresses the writers’ own feelings and opinions. Nor do I doubt that this is standard practice to publish such reports. I do not in any way find fault with the youngsters – God bless them. But why didn’t somebody stop this piece pertaining to the greatest physics fraud in history from being published? Notice how moved these young folks were with Mather:

“As we bid adieu to Mather, it was with a sense of regret at the questions not asked and the subjects not broached. Yet we were happy to have met our benefactor and received the advice that he felt most important for us to hear. Through the entire discussion, it was clear that Mather genuinely cares about this internship and what it stands for. As the interns who were selected to uphold his high standards, we hope we can do him justice and succeed in each of our respective positions.

If some people were to get your young daughter or your young brother to publish such a thing about Bernie Maddoff – no matter how spontaneously and earnestly written – how would you feel about this? Would you want these young’uns to “uphold” what Madoff stands for?

Again, the APS is here acting in the name of its membership – the American physics community, for the most part. Fine sensitivies in the young are being cleverly exlpoited.

The question to consider now is this: Does the American physics community at large endorse these obscene perversions at the AIP and the APS?

If yes, … (I am too angry to finish this sentence).

If no, do something about this. Start with an emphatic firing of Frederick Dylla’s butt. I do not see how you can NOT do this. If you have any sense of honor and shame and responsibility and decency, that is.

And if you have no idea about how decent, responsible and accountable leaders of this great nation act, find out what happened to the sister program to the AIP Mather Policy Intern Program: the John Mather Nobel Scholar Program.


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