The James Webb Space Telescope is NOT a better Hubble Telescope

I made an earlier post why the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) should be shut down and sent to Europe in order to take time to clean here at home the Augean Stable mess of scam science called Big Bang Cosmology.

But there is another important aspect to this the public may not be aware of.

The campaign to save the JWST – a “political” power play really – pitches to the public the alluring fact that it is the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). There is no question that the HST is a phenomenal instrument. It wowed the world with spectacular photos of otherworlds. So, a telescope that is substantially bigger and better than the HST and is better located in the sky is certainly something for everyone to stand behind and root for.

Let me ‘splain to you something that is not being elaborated to Mr. John Q. Citizen and Ms. Jane Q. Citizen.


The HST was essentially a gigantic digital camera in the sky. It took photos that were telemeterd down to the Earth and were reconstituted. These are the photos we saw. Actual scenes the telescope saw. You could send the digital files to Walgreens, and drive down and pick up a batch of these photos just like your travel photos.

The JWST will not do that. It will make digital maps of what it “sees.” These numbers will be telemeterd down, and processed to give false color photos.

If HST showed you a scenic landscape, JWST would show you a contour map.

This is because the HST is an optical telescope and the JWST is an infrared telescope. You may be getting a different telescope in JWST, but certainly not a better HST. If you replace your dark sunglasses with a pair having a better quality glass, you have a better pair of sunglasses. If you replace it with a more expensive grey-shade version, you got a different pair of sunglasses. Whether or not it is better is a subjective issue.


So the question is: Why did they make this crucial decision to go the infrared way? The reason – which they may now try to weasel out of – was almost entirely Big Bang Cosmology. JWST was conceived as a Big Bang Cosmology Telescope. Its official website stated so. From the very beginning, it has been led by a Big Bang scammer.

It is the precept of Big Bang Cosmology that a certain infrared wavelength region represents (is a depiction of) the early universe. It is the light from the birth pangs of the universe. Therefore, the JWST is about beginnings – the very first light – the infancy of the universe, etc et al.

Here is the thing: Big Bang Cosmology is a completely bogus science. It started as bad science, and then escalated to scam science and then to fraud science. So we have a telescope that was misbegotten. Instead of a better Hubble, we will have an instrument that will have little to say directly to the public. Unless you will read the oodles of papers in the Astrophysical Journal, that is.

The so-called Dark Sector science – Dark Matter and Dark Energy – is an offshoot of Big Bang. This Sector is also a primary objective of the JWST.

So the JWST is geared towards verifying and exploring the ramifications of that bogus science on which untold sums have already been spent over the last half a century. The JWST is irreversibly premised on Big Bang Cosmology being a proven fact about our universe.

The scientific foundation of the JWST mission lies not in Astronomy but in Physics. And this foundation runs counter to physics. Ten thousand astronomers and a dozen “panelists” endorsing the JWST does not change that basic fact.

This is the great fallacy that is playing out today in the public arena.

The underlying basic problem here is that – drunk of power and driven by lust for instant fame and heroship, PBS style – cosmologists and astrophysicists have got way ahead of physics. They are operating in uncharted physics territories, making “discoveries” there, flying expensive NASA satellites, and then declaring these discoveries proven. They are ignoring objections of legitimate, hardcore physicists (Alfven, Veltman, …).

Sure, even if we deep six the Big Bang Cosmology justification after the fact, other science can be done to make some use the infrared data. But the point here is that the JWST was ill-conceived, and was not initially conceived as a successor to HST. This is a new spin they are very cleverly giving to the public.

The JWST is in fact a successor to COBE and the WMAP Satellites – Big Bang’s scam satellite series.


In absence of Big Bang Cosmology, there is no scientific basis to say that infrared photons represent an early universe any more than optical or ultraviolet or radio photons. Heck, where cosmology stands today, we don’t even know if it makes sense to speak of an early universe! Photons in the universe do not carry a fannypack with a passport that gives you the DOB and the place of birth. You can’t stop them and say “Your papers please.” This is complete nonsense. This is Frogpond Cosmology.

So, sufferin’ succotash why all these billions of $ for an infrared telescope in the sky? It will greatly limit the number of scientists who will be interested in working on the JWST data. And after the great shame of the Big Bang era, astrophysicists may not love this region of the spectrum enough to be interested. Who wants to invest in hedge funds after the Bernie Madoff era?

Do you know what goes on after a satellite is launched with all the fanfare? Believe me, I have seen data from a satellite rot in boxes with no one interested to use them.

People who are clamoring today for your billions to fly this thing will be nowhere to be seen when the data goes into the warehouse. They have no responsibilty for anything that happens after they have scored a victory today.

The hyped premise in their debate that JWST is an all-star space science program on which the hopes and dreams of entire mankind ride is false. Before the money problem arose, it was at best a project some astronomers supported and some did not and some did not care. NASA – which today wants to save JWST even at the expense of other programs – did not even care enough about it to place an appropriate scientist at the helm. Instead they kept science fraud John Mather on for appearance’s sake. His appearance.


John Mather – leader of the COBE Satellite Program – defrauded us with that satellite. Now he is the leader of the JWST Program. It would be mistake to feel secure in the knowledge that he won’t dare do anything here. His fix may be was already in when he chose the infrared region. Lordy Lordy!

The JWST is jinxed because of its association. For those who would actually make use of the satellite, the oomph may have gone out or will go out. Today’s cosmologists are propelled by Nobel dreams, and it is hard to see how another cosmology Nobel is in the offing.


Suppose for your birthday you got enough money in the gift envelopes that you can buy that backyard telescope you had your mind set on. You go to the store and they show a fancy infrared gadget attached to a computer which produces infrared maps of the sky. For a moment you lose sight of what you came to do. You buy this gadget instead and come home. Not even a day goes by before you start having second thoughts. You take the package and the purchase receipt to the store for a refund. But they point out that the receipt says “All sales final.”

The public would have been far better wowed if the JWST had been an optical telescope. And good conventional astronomy could be done. We would see in our lifetime pictures of many new otherworlds. Son of Hubble would do us proud.

None of that is going to happen. The way it is, John Q. and Jane Q. will be able to relate as much to the JWST results as to a climatologist’s contour map or a geologist’s isopach. From time to time they will hear on PBS reports of discovery of branes and twistors and dark emanations and ask one another: Honey, what’d say?

This is what you are being asked to root for. They are taking you for a ride.

Just so you understand!

Had the Hubble successor been designed today without the tyranny of the Big Bang Cosmologists, it would surely be an optical telescope. The JWST is basically Astronomy’s answer to the “Bridge to nowhere.”

The debate going on about the mounting cost of JWST is deceptive. The real issue should be that the economic difficulty has given us a face-saving “out” in shutting down this bogus enterprise whose real goal – by every past indication – is more bogusification of our universe and the creation thereby of more PBS heroes.

And by the way, if no one has explained to you all this before now, then you know for sure what they are doing to you. There is a word!


How Stanford University’s Roger Blandford bullshat the U. S. Congress




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    You are a nutcase

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