Be scammed no more!

While the actual physical book is not here yet, the entire scientific exposé on half a century of Big Bang Cosmology verification scam is now in the Big Bang Fraud Book preview.

Although it is meant for hardcore experts, it can also be read by others with benefit.

NASA scientist John Mather’s fraud with the Cosmic Background Explorer Satellite (COBE) Satellite is discussed there.

Bone up on it as you witness the latest phase of this saga called the NASA James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) unfold, under the very able leadership of the selfsame John Mather. Here is some typical language from current media: “… John Mather whose name is almost synonymous with JWST.”

Mather cobed you then, and took you for $400 million. He will jawst you now, and take you for $8 billion.

The poor American citizen – layed, yooed, madoffed, cobed, jawsted, ….

[Photo courtesy:]

[Photo courtesy:]

First the COBE Satellite. Next the James Webb Space Telescope.
The leopard doesn’t change its spots.
A leopard with many powerful friends in the jungle also does not change its spots.


A new star-studded movement is underway to save the James Webb Space Telescope. It features a quotation from Adam Riess who just won the Nobel Prize for a patrently bogus discovery:

[Click to enlarge]

The new push behind the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).
NASA science fraud John Mather, US Senator Barabara Mikulski and Johns Hopkins bogus discoverer Adam Riess pitch in to save the JWST.


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